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The Apple Car Is Still Alive, and a Ford Veteran Joins Apple to Make It Happen

Apple has so far remained tight-lipped on everything related to the development of a self-driving vehicle, so without an official confirmation, the rumor mill is sometimes going crazy.
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Not a long time ago, we heard that an important part of the Apple Car team was dismissed, with the Cupertino-based tech giant said to be evaluating the project, possibly in an attempt to figure out if it’s still worth all the investments or not.

Many believed this was the end of the Apple Car, even though sources with knowledge of the matter said on several occasions that Apple was very committed to launching an EV.

And as it turns out, this is indeed true, as the Apple Car project is still alive. And Apple is getting a new pair of hands to make it happen.

The tech firm has managed to poach 31-year Ford veteran Desi Ujkashevic, specifically to work on the development of the Apple Car. A report today cites Ford as saying that Ujkashevic retired from the company, so right now, there’s technically no confirmation that she joined Apple.

Having joined Ford back in 1991, Ujkashevic worked on several big projects for the American company, including models like the Focus, Fiesta, and Explorer. She was one of the key figures involved in the EV strategy while also participating in the development of models launched under the other brands owned by Ford, including the Lincoln MKC.

It’s not exactly clear what Ujkashevic’s role in the development of the Apple Car is going to be, but the cited source emphasizes the Ford veteran has solid regulatory expertise, so in theory, she could help pave the way for the self-driving Apple Car to hit the streets.

If anything, it looks like 2025 continues to be Apple’s ambitious target for the launch of the Apple Car. Whether or not a delay would take place is something that remains to be seen, but right now, it looks like Apple is as committed as ever to launching its own EV.


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