The AOR Matrix PT Is a Versatile Trailer Camper Offering a Well-Equipped Off-Road Setup

Most of us agree that the Australian outback is one hell of a tough environment. That's why Aussies tend to manufacture solid RVs that are meant to withstand off-roading in these conditions. I recently discovered Australian Off Road, and one of their hybrid campers caught my eye, the Matrix PT, which stands for Pop Top.
AOR Matrix Pop Top exterior 13 photos
Photo: Australian Off Road
AOR Matrix Pop Top exteriorAOR Matrix Pop Top exteriorAOR Matrix Pop Top exteriorAOR Matrix Pop Top interiorAOR Matrix Pop Top interiorAOR Matrix Pop Top interiorAOR Matrix Pop Top interiorAOR Matrix Pop Top interiorAOR Matrix Pop Top interiorAOR Matrix Pop Top interiorAOR Matrix Pop Top interiorAOR Matrix Pop Top interior
With over 21 years of experience, Australian Off Road (AOR) is 100% locally owned and operated on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Its vision is to be a premium off-road brand that provides its customers with the best camping experience, specially tailored for the rough Australian wilderness.

They have many models, from basic, entry-level micro campers to full-sized off-road caravans. Today we're looking at the Matrix PT, a hybrid trailer camper bearing the company's signature narrow body and proven off-road technology.

I know price is a significant buying factor for most people, so I'll start from there. There are many extra options available, but the base price for this camper is AUS$130,000 (around $88,000). Let's see what that'll get you.

AOR Matrix Pop Top exterior
Photo: Australian Off Road
The Matrix PT offers a lot of space, so you can fit everything you need when going away. With a payload of 635 kg (1,400 lbs) and a tare weight of 1,865 kg (4,100 lbs), it can sleep up to four people. It has a total length of 7 meters (23 feet), a width of 1.95 meters (around 6 feet), and a height of 2.82 meters (about 9 feet).

Its exterior has all the ports you'd expect on a camper trailer, such as power, water, and others. You can find several storage options on the lateral sides of the trailer in the form of pull-out bins. Moreover, one of the primary storage areas is in the front of the trailer. On its rear section, you have a spare tire in the middle. Two jerry cans and two LPG gas canisters are standard for the build.

A nice touch I haven't seen in other models is the fully insulated door with a separate section inside. The purpose is to open this small section to ventilate the camper without needing to open the whole door.

In all honesty, this is more of an indoor camper. What I mean by this is that it doesn't invite you to spend as much time outside as it’s thoroughly equipped for living inside. You do have a large awning covering most of the lateral side of the Matrix, and you can also upgrade the camper with a slide-out kitchen.

AOR Matrix Pop Top exterior
Photo: Australian Off Road
Let's move inside and see how comfortable and practical this trailer truly is. As you enter, you can notice the main control panel, easily accessible even if you're outside. Turn right, and straight ahead, you'll see the kitchen featuring a stainless-steel sink, drain board, and a three-burner gas cooktop. Are you one of the people that prefer stocking up on lots of food? Worry not; the 130L fridge/ freezer will probably fit all you need for your partner or family.

The lounge area is not big, but it features two seats and a removable dinette table. What I like about this space is how they integrated the utility systems. Just lift the lounge chairs, and you'll discover the whole electric system (battery, inverter, circuit breakers, fuse box, and others) neatly stashed away. Remove the other seat, and you'll quickly have access to the diesel and heater systems. Just between, you'll find a box that contains taps connected to the two standard water tanks.

AOR Matrix Pop Top interior
Photo: Australian Off Road
Of course, you'll notice plenty of storage, with a bunch of sliding shelves, a generous pantry, and a prep area. The bathroom, located just next to the kitchen, is moderately sized, with a basic toilet system and a shower. So, nothing too impressive, but it does its job.

The sleeping space boasts a full-size queen bed (twin beds are optional) with cabinets just under it. Under the bed, AOR added some more storage space, because why not? There isn't such a thing as too much storage. There are some lights around the bed, with two speakers integrated above both sides. The windows are double-glazed, dustproof, and soundproof.

Oh, I almost forgot, the camper offers enough height for you not to feel cramped, but you can pop the roof and get some extra space. A fine detail is that some parts can be zipped open to have more air flowing inside and better illumination.

Overall, the Matrix PT is a decently priced camper trailer that offers a comfortable off-road experience. I didn't even get into most of the available upgrades as there's an extensive list. And when I say extensive, I truly mean you have lots to choose from. I invite you to visit their website and check it out; just be prepared when adding extra options because the price will increase before you know it!
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