The Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay Reviews Are In (and Kind of Fun to Watch)

Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay Reviews Are Kind of Fun 6 photos
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Nearly every car manufacturer has Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or both. Both let you connect your phone to the car very easily and promise to do similar things. But what are they like in the real world?
Well, we've gathered a couple of interesting clips that hope to offer a definitive answer to that question. Tech stuff usually turns up pretty boring on automotive websites. But if Samsung vs. Apple reviews can get ten times the views of a Top Gear comparison, this should all be ok.

First off, Yuri and Jakub from Canada try to vocally input destinations into the trip computer via both systems. While the Apple system has pretty icons, Android Auto gets things right the first time.

Maps are probably the biggest perk of having either of these systems. Instead of having to pay extra for navigation, you can just use what's already on your phone. It's not only cheaper but also more intuitive and up to date with current traffic conditions.

Of course, people don't just use the system for the navigation service, like texting and calling people using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is supposed to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. But again, Apple falls short.

Another video, this time from The Verge, tries to highlight some of the differences between these systems. The most obvious is that Apple CarPlay is the only one with app icons, like your phone. The other one is a bit like having a desktop with notifications that pop up on top and actions at the bottom. With both, only some apps are compatible, so it's not like you'll be able to play Asphalt 8 while driving your car.

This review says Android Auto crashes a little bit more often but admits that might have something to do with the car as well. It all kind of reminds us of the difference between Apple and its Korean phone-making rival.

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