The Alternative to EV Wireless Charging - PowerHydrant

As electric vehicles start to gain more market share, different companies are trying to find ways to improve EV owners experience. Many are investing in wireless charging, but that comes with a slight loss of efficiency. The PowerHydrant however is said to offer the same convenience without any loss.
PowerHydrant 1 photo
The PowerHydrant is like a robot butler that plugs your EV in even if you forget to. Simply park the car in the garage or near the device and it will pair with it in order to charge the batteries.

Along with the power transfer efficiency, the PowerHydrant is easier to install; you don’t need to make room for it on the floor, dig in or measure the distance needed for it to be low enough for the car to get over but close enough for the charging to work.

Nope, this robotic arm only needs to be secured to the floor and connected to the power grid. A hardware module utilizing low cost vision guided roboticsm J1772 compliant plug and communication interfaces will make the link whenever the electric car is parked in the range.

If you have more than one car, the robot charger can be shared, ensuring a max-min fairness. You can also check on the process using a smartphone app.


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