The Actev Arrow Smart-Kart Proves It’s a Great Time to Be a Kid

You know, being tall is really helpful most of the time, but there are moments when you really wished you were three-foot-tall again so you could do all sorts of things - things like getting into the movies for free by slipping under the counter.
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Photo: Actev Motors
Actev Arrow Smart-KartActev Arrow Smart-KartActev Arrow Smart-KartActev Arrow Smart-KartActev Arrow Smart-KartActev Arrow Smart-KartActev Arrow Smart-KartActev Arrow Smart-KartActev Arrow Smart-Kart
Now, there’s another reason to hate mother nature for allowing you to grow back when you were six: it’s called the Arrow Smart-Kart and it’s made by a startup company named Actev Motors. And just by looking at it, you know it means business.

This Formula One-like little machine is enough to make you hate your kids, even though they hate you right back for being able to drive the real car that sits in the garage. That’s not exactly the recipe for a happy family, but hey, that’s life, right?

The Arrow Smart-Kart fully deserves its name. First of all, it actually does look like a proper kart, with all the right elements in the right place, plus some spoilers you don’t get on the real ones. It even comes with speakers integrated into the headrest that play a V12 engine sound, but Actev Motors says it will look to expand the library with other types of engine as well.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the Arrow Smart-Kart is fully electric and comes with a top speed of 12 mph (that’s almost 20 km/h), which should prove to be plenty for the kids that will be driving it. But here is where the “smart” part comes in: the kart has a Wi-Fi module that connects directly to a mobile device, allowing the parents (or the three-foot-tall you) to control things like the maximum speed or even set a restricted perimeter where the kid is allowed to drive the thing.

And that’s not all. The app can also put the kart into a certain gear (PRND, but we guess the one used the most will be “P”) if the kid doesn’t understand what “it’s time for homework” means, and the god damn thing even comes with a collision prevention system like modern cars do. You know, in case the neighborhood kids decide to turn the karts into dodgems.

All this tech has to come at a price, and even though the Arrow Smart-Kart isn’t cheap, it’s not exactly as expensive as it could have been. Priced at $599, it may be a lot for what is still a toy your kid will grow out of, but until that happens, it will surely be his favorite one. Besides, do you really need that new iPhone that much?

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