The $332K KAMM 912c Restomod Keeps That 60s Porsche Look and Feel, Adds a Modern Twist

There's something beautiful about bringing classic cars up to modern standards – these projects are known as restomods. One company that carries out restomods is KAMManufaktur - back in September 2022, the company announced the prototype KAMM 912c. This week, it revealed the full product specification for the vehicle.
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Photo: KAMManufaktur
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KAMM is based in Budapest, Hungary. The company focuses solely on Porsche 912 sports cars produced between 1965 and 1969. "Why that specific model?" you might wonder. The vehicle is known for being the lightest of all road-going 911/912s and boasts a better balance than a conventional 911. Furthermore, its slim and sleek design paired with the renowned 4-cylinder engine makes it a fantastic choice for a restomod.

The brand's 912c has been in the works for several years – the initial prototype was a track-focused machine. However, the production specification launched today was modified to perform well in both track and street scenarios, following Kamm's "Dare to Drive" ethos. At first glance, you won't be able to tell that the 912c is blessed with modern touches, as its design is period-correct.

I'll start with its exterior – the fully restored 912 boasts a reinforced chassis and body. A semi-carbon body that stays true to the 912's original form is provided as standard. However, customers can opt for a full carbon fiber body for even more weight reduction. Other notable details are lightweight Lexan polycarbonate windows and KAMM carbon fiber racing mirrors.

Things get even more interesting when talking about the car's performance. At the core of it is a 2.0-liter JPS air-cooled 616 engine, which outputs 190 hp (142 kW) and 228 Nm (168 lb-ft.) of torque and redlines at 7,200 rpm. In fact, the engine has the highest bhp per liter of any air-cooled street engine, providing 95 bhp (71 kW) per liter. Moreover, it features an uprated case, heads, and rods. You'll be able to hear its symphony of sound via a KAMM stainless steel exhaust.

KAMM 912c Restomod
Photo: KAMManufaktur
Although these figures may not seem like much, you might change your mind when you find out that the road-legal, production-spec 912c tips the scales at just 750 kg (1,653 lbs.) wet.

Paired with the engine is a 901 5-speed gearbox with a dogleg gate pattern and a ZF Limited Slip Differential. To top it all off, you get a Porsche aluminum, hydraulic, racing clutch, KAMM carbon gearshift lever, and bespoke linkage.

The 912c is clearly intended to offer a thrilling ride with an analog feel. KAMM's aim is reflected in other of the machine's components. You'll discover a TracTive-based semi-active front and rear coilover suspension. Stopping power is offered by an AP Racing braking system with ventilated discs and a hydraulic handbrake.

The racing-focused theme continues into the car's interior. It's fitted with KAMM bespoke carbon fiber seats, although customers can optionally go for KAMM buckets seats or KAMM comfort seats. Moreover, there's a carbon fiber interior trim, an AP Racing pedal box, and lightweight carpeting. Fortunately, KAMM also fitted an electronic air-conditioning so drivers won't boil in the cabin under the scorching sun.

KAMM 912c Restomod
Photo: KAMManufaktur
Lots of work went into creating the 912c. As you've already seen above, the car is fitted with many KAMM components designed and built at the company's headquarters. They all improve the car's performance or driving experience while retaining its classic feel.

First, all donor 912s are restored to perfection – the base template must be impeccable for KAMM engineers to start the conversion. They heavily enhance the brakes, suspension, chassis, tires, and wheels while also replacing all original equipment with new parts, including fixings, rubbers, and lights.

KAMM teamed up with Swiss motorsport experts JPS Aircooled – the company developed the bespoke, high-performance 4-cylinder engine designed to blend reliability and optimum performance.

Every 912c is built to order, and KAMM places significant emphasis on personalization. Customers go through a detailed consultation with KAMM founder Miklós Kázmér to voice their preferences and needs regarding the car's looks and performance. Then, buyers can choose between unlimited paint options and devise their dream interior design. The last step before delivery is a thorough road and track evaluation, which ensures the 912c lives up to the KAMM name.

KAMM 912c Restomod
Photo: KAMManufaktur
KAMM started the official production of the 912c in January 2023, with an example destined for a customer in the United States, and it's currently working on other units for delivery across the globe. All in all, this is quite an impressive machine - it's as usable and reliable as a modern car but with the look and feel of a 60s icon.

You've probably already figured out that this vehicle will be offered for a hefty price. Specifically, the 2023 KAMM 912c costs $332,600 (€360,000), including a donor car. Customers can use their own 912 for the conversion, reducing the price by $43,270 (€40,000). KAMM announced that only two build slots are left for this year.
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