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The $325M Elusive Superyacht Amadea Slips Through the Fingers of U.S. Authorities

Just when it looked like Amadea will finally leave Fiji officially, in the hands of the U.S. authorities, things took another unexpected turn. The mammoth 348-footer (106 meters) is harder to “catch” than anyone might have imagined.
Anothet bump in the road stops U.S. authorities from seizing Kerimov's AMadea 7 photos
Amadea SuperyachtAmadea SuperyachtAmadea SuperyachtAmadea SuperyachtAmadea SuperyachtAmadea Superyacht
Amadea was forbidden to leave Fiji, where it had arrived after crossing the Pacific believing it would be safe, as its ownership was investigated. After a long and arduous legal battle, the court approved the seizure, confirming that the spectacular vessel belonged to Suleiman Kerimov, a Russian billionaire in the gold industry.

Millemarin Investments Ltd., its registered owner, lost the initial appeal last week, so it looked like the U.S. had the green light to finally seize Amadea. Another bump in the road made things difficult when the entire crew on board the luxury Lurssen yacht refused to sail together with the authorities, despite the court’s ruling, claiming that they had to stay loyal to the initial owner.

In a movie-like unfolding of events, after having to deal with this issue by trying to scramble a new crew, which wasn’t welcomed by the yacht’s captain, it was all in vain. The lawyers of Millemarin Investments are still trying to overturn the seizure and went for a second appeal.

Until the Supreme Court decides on it, the controversial superyacht is staying right where it’s been since the middle of April – in Fiji. According to Bloomberg, based on information from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in Fiji, the final decision is expected on June 7. So far, nothing about this elusive superyacht has been final – it will be interesting to see whether the authorities will end up taking it away or not.

Unlike many of the Russian-owned superyacht seizures in various European countries, the seizure of Amadea has given everyone headaches. This massive luxury pleasure craft seems immovable, even though it has become a burden for the local authorities as well due to the huge maintenance costs.


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