The 2024 Mercedes-Benz EQG Prototype Has Four Motors, Watch It Do the Tank Turn With Ease

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Photo: MercBenzKing on YouTube
Mercedes-Benz EQGMercedes-Benz EQGMercedes-Benz EQGMercedes-Benz EQGMercedes-Benz EQG
The iconic G-Wagen is going all-electric. But it can’t give up on gas- or diesel-powered engines without bringing something exciting. So, here we are – the SUV can spin in a circle without going forward or backward. The footage is spectacular, but we shouldn’t get too excited about it.
Technology is great because it makes our lives easier and, in some cases, safer. The move to zero-tailpipe emission powertrains creates the ideal opportunity for innovation. When you combine these two aspects, a brave new world opens. EVs don’t have to be only fast and silent. They could also facilitate new features.

One of these characteristics is the Hummer’s “Crab Walk,” better known as four-wheel steering. Another feature is the skid-steer drive, more commonly known as the tank turn. Often seen in construction and industrial environments, vehicles that have this ability can turn their right- or left-side wheels to change direction since they have no steering mechanism.

However, with EVs, things get even cooler. Tank turn was popularized by Rivian back in 2020. It was made possible thanks to the quad-motor configuration, where each wheel has its own power unit. Unfortunately, both the R1T and R1S were launched without this feature. The company cited user safety and environmental concerns.

Mercedes-Benz could one-up the American EV maker and bring the spin-on-the-spot party trick in 2024 with the updated all-electric G-Class. That's because at least one version will come with four motors. But to put it into production without second thoughts, Mercedes-Benz might have to geofence this ability which it named "G Turn." Spinning a three-ton SUV into a circle on muddy terrain will most likely damage the area. Since EVs are meant to help the environment, this could pose a couple of challenges for the automaker.

However, it’s worth noting that Mercedes-Benz isn’t advertising the tank turn feature on the EQG as Rivian did with its R series vehicles. They merely show what the prototype can do in a controlled environment. And it’s extremely cool to watch. Here it is!

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