The 2024 BMW M5 Touring Is Reportedly Coming to the U.S.

Cue the music and get ready to start your updated V8 German-made engines! The 2024 BMW M5 Touring is most likely coming to the U.S. After years of asking for a high-performance Bavarian-made wagon, Americans are finally getting it. It will take two more years until the vehicle arrives, but at least there’s some quality insider scoop that confirms what most of us were hoping for.
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With the all-new BMW M3 Touring being available only in Europe, U.S. fans of the automaker’s products got, understandably, a little upset. After all, the North American market is important for the Bavarian brand, and it should strive to make its customers happy. That’s especially true when we’re being reminded that in 2022 BMW M is celebrating half a century of existence.

But having patience and a little bit of faith can be proven as useful virtues in the face of adversity and hopelessness. That’s because the next-gen M5 Touring will most likely come to the U.S., and it will bring a whole new era with it.

According to a source that’s been feeding BMW fans for years with important information regarding what changes the manufacturer is preparing, the M5 Touring meant for the North American market will come with all the bells and whistles to make you think twice about getting the X5 M.

Bimmerpost’s yinguldyn broke the news about the M5 Touring returning, but shortly after, they notified everyone about the wagon being available for Americans as well. The wagon will also feature the updated and electrified V8 and, unsurprisingly, a better version of the iDrive 8. Sadly, there might not be a version with a manual since the company never bothered to put one in the current M5.

Thanks to the updated platform, the changes needed to make the vehicle certifiable for the U.S. market will feature a battery that’s separated from the passenger compartment. That’s mainly what kept the M3 Touring from coming to America. The same situation applies to other BMW wagons like the BMW 540i Touring or the BMW M340i Touring. The German automaker will change the battery’s placement, and that might open the door to the U.S. having new wagons to choose from.

Some people believed that BMW didn’t want to hurt its sales of the X Series vehicles, and that was why they chose to not offer wagons in the U.S. Fortunately, they’ll fix this safety violation, and we will all have the chance to think about getting something else rather than only urban-only SUVs or crossovers.

Now all you have to do is wait and prepare a strategy to avoid a hefty dealer markup. The first units will surely sell like hot cakes since there are no plans to introduce the G61 BMW 5 Series Touring to the American market. We’ll have to wait for the G99.

If BMW pulls this off, then it will be a great move. The North American market still likes having more than four cylinders under the hood. The electrified V8 will be efficient while also offering enough horsepower to make your family-friendly vehicle fly on the track. It will also outshine Mercedes-Benz since they’re preparing to get rid of the eight-cylinder units and downsize to an in-line four-cylinder setup.

The only issue remains the price. The M5 wagon might start from $125,000 or more. That’s an approximation based on the fact that the current MSRP for an M5 is $103,700. Factoring in new developments, electrification, more body panels, new interior technology, inflation, and an improved or heavily changed platform will surely add to the recommended price.


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