Starcraft's 2024 Autumn Ridge Lineup May Be the Cheapest Family-Friendly Travel Trailers

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Let's face it; most of us don't have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a travel trailer, and funny enough, America's Starcraft RV knows this because they've been listening and, in doing so, are now offering what could be the cheapest family-friendly travel trailer lineup I've come across in some time.
Ladies and gents and lovers of the outdoors, lend me your eyes for just a few minutes so that you can meet Starcraft RV's 2024 Autumn Ridge lineup. The real question, however, is why you should even care about this news at all.

Well, for starters, this class of machines starts off priced at no less than $25,178 (€23,200 at current exchange rates), according to the manufacturer's website, and best of all, the most fitting floorplan, the new 27BH, can accommodate up to 12 guests while still weighing around 5,200 lbs (2,358 kg) and cruising in with a length of a tad over 30.5 ft (9.3 m). If you've been looking around for a camper for your family, now's the time to pay attention.

Depending on where you are in the US, you'll be able to get your hands on countless floorplans from this lineup, and by the looks of things, up to 15 different ones for the western US and 13 models for the eastern side. Living up in Canada? Starcraft units can be found there, too, and are specifically equipped to handle the northern landscape.

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Photo: Starcraft RV
Since it would take us forever to zero in on a particular floorplan, I've decided to simply paint a picture for you as to the sort of lifestyle you and your family can lead with one of these movable habitats. As for a starting point, the image gallery is the place for that. Ready?

Now, picture yourself behind the wheel of your truck, hauling up to 6,275 lbs (2,846 kg) of dry weight behind you. That's how much the heaviest unit weighs, while the lightest layout comes in with no more than 3,485 lbs (2,846 kg), so you won't need to break out the biggest guns you have.

Since these puppies are available in either a single or double-axle setup and one that isn't necessarily made for off-road use, you will be restricted to using only roads, so no romping around in one of these. But then again, that's not what the Autumn Ridge lineup is all about, and this is where I really fell in love with these babies.

After making it to your destination, typically a trailer park or, if you've got connections, some California vineyard, park your unit, stretch those legs, and after unhitching your temporary home, it's time to settle in for the next few days.

2024 Autumn Ridge 26BHS
Photo: Starcraft RV
As you do, you'll find yourself unloading your outdoor dining set, a tent for the kids, in case you want some peace and quiet, some inflatable kayaks and SUPs (Stand-Up Paddleboard), maybe a couple of e-bikes, and unfurl a massive side awning. Some of the layouts even include the ability to expand interior spaces through the use of slide-outs.

But, my favorite part is the inclination toward outdoor living. Not only do all the storage bays tattered all over the unit hide all our toys and gear, but units also invite us to cook our lunches under god's gaze. All the while, the kids are running around, falling, getting up, laughing, and doing it all over again. Don't forget about the OGs (grandparents) hanging out and mixing it up with the newer generations; there's room for them, too.

Just kick back for a moment and picture yourself in that very setting. Why not throw in a campfire while you're at it? Maybe someone is fishing in the background? All the while, a solar package soaks up precious rays from the sun and stores them as energy in a pack of batteries to be used by appliances and other systems inside each Autumn Ridge. Put on some meditation music through the outdoor speakers and do some yoga like never before.

2024 Autumn Ridge 26BHS
Photo: Starcraft RV
Oh, and I nearly forgot, some of the floorplans Starcraft has in store for the new year even include a ramp door at the rear of the trailer. Why is this a big deal? Well, aside from being able to simply load up your unit with larger toys that the storage bays will allow, it also creates a beautiful and open transition to and from the interior, giving us the feeling that habitats are at one with the world around them. Just imagine sitting around in bed as you view the world around you.

Speaking of beds and interiors, the inside of these units aren't at all in line with what I would expect for just $25K; they top anything I've seen in the past year or so within this price range. Owners will be able to access absolutely anything they would need to live a safe and comfortable life inside an Autumn Ridge.

From three-burner tops to microwaves and bathrooms with separate features, bunk beds for the kids, modular sofas, cargo areas, TVs, dinettes, and hardwood cabinetry, shall I go one? Better yet, take that peak at the gallery; a picture is worth a thousand words, and there are quite a few examples to give us a clear understanding of what Starcraft has achieved here.

As to how we actually got here, according to Starcraft, this lineup is nothing more than a response to what folks like you and me have been asking for over the years. In short, we told this manufacturer what we wanted, and they aimed to make it happen. Still, a travel trailer that's fit for a family and starting at a tad over $25K is definitely the sort of news you need to be aware of.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of 2024 Autumn Ridge interiors and exteriors.

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