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The 2023 Toyota Supra Manual Can Now Be Configured in the U.S., Some Patience Is Needed

The Japanese have done it. The famous 2023 Toyota Supra is now available with a manual transmission. You can build your own model and see what options fit best. However, being a Toyota, there aren’t that many, to begin with. Still, there are some things you should know before hopping on the configurator. For starters, don’t be impatient.
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2023 Toyota Supra Manual2023 Toyota Supra Manual2023 Toyota Supra Manual2023 Toyota Supra Manual2023 Toyota Supra Manual
Toyota told everyone they would try to save the manuals. Even if it was a carefully thought-out plan, having this option is a good way of remembering why adding customer-requested thrills to the driving experience can increase sales and buyers’ satisfaction. The automaker took the right steps and played it smart.

Americans waited enough. We can now build the 2023 Toyota Supra Manual by accessing the online configurator. All one must do is enter the zip code and wait for the webpage to load properly. After all the information is displayed, choose the 3.0 or the 3.0 Premium, which has an MSRP of $55,650 – which is $3,150 more than the first option. Click on the next step, and you’ll be met with the transmission variants. And, voila! Here it is – the 6-speed Intelligent Manual Transmission. It comes at no extra cost.

You’ll also see the Toyota Supra A-91 MT. This is a special edition that comes with some cosmetic enhancements and a couple of extras as standard.

After selecting the gearbox, the customer can pick one of the available five exterior colors. Next, you’ll see that the Driver Assist package for the manual gearbox is already selected. It includes various driver assisting software and hardware. The last step is picking some accessories. After this, you’re all set to finish the build and request a quote.

Our 2023 Toyota Supra Manual ended up costing $58,823 with no dealer markup. That’s thanks to picking the Premium version, the Nitro Yellow Color, the Connectivity Kit, and the Vehicle Protection Package. The delivery fee is also included.

If you want to build your own, you must remember that Toyota isn’t BMW. Even though the Supra has enough Bavarian-stamped parts underneath, the company isn’t trying to trick you into picking lots of options, packages, and stuff that you might not ever need. That’s mostly why they’re prioritizing selling whatever units are already available. Thus, the website will prompt a message that’ll ask for your ZIP code.

For some Americans, this might bring some problems. Toyota didn’t consider that some people would just like to configure their ideal Supra and leave it at that, so you might be stuck with an automatic option if that’s all it is available in your region. You can use another ZIP code if you encounter this issue. As we tested it ourselves, it works perfectly fine with a Los Angeles or New York City ZIP code.

Moreover, there have been complaints about the configurator not working properly or showing inaccurate information at times. The platform was first enabled almost four days ago, but it was quickly shut down to fix all the bugs. At the time of writing, the configurator for the 2023 Toyota Supra Manual works as intended.


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