The 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar Configurator Is Live in Most Countries, Here's Our Build

The well-known Porsche 911 comes in many trims that can suit almost every driver’s needs. But what we do not often get from the German brand is an entirely different two-door high-performance sports car. Thankfully, the 911 Dakar is here. Now that the configurator is live let’s look at what options are available and how expensive a build can be.
autoevolution's 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar 12 photos
Photo: Porsche U.S. Configurator
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Not that the all-new 911 Dakar is cheap in any way, of course. Its price starts from $222,000 (excluding delivery and handling fees), and not even Porsche can guarantee this is what you will pay for the base version. The German automaker explicitly adds that dealers set the final price. But if you’re good at haggling or have a dealership that’s benevolent, things could work out in your favor.

Since Porsche is serious about not making its customers and fans wait for more details, the configurator has already been updated in most countries. It now includes the dune-ready coupe. We checked, and the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia have access to the web platform.

Right from the get-go, we see a $1,450 increase in price thanks to the delivery, handling, and processing fees. So, we start building our high-riding 911 Dakar with a base price of $223,450. Don’t even dare to think about markups right now!

First off, colors! We have three free options and three others that cost $3,270. A unique offering available only for this special model is the Rallye Design Package which has a price of – get ready – $28,470! It includes a visual tribute to the winning vehicle of the 1984 Paris-Dakar Rally and a couple of interior upgrades, but we will leave it aside for the sake of creating something truly different. The fact that it now says Roughroads instead of Rothmans is also a good reason to give up on it.

Decisions, decisions!

So, the only way forward is paint-to-sample. Considering this vehicle is meant for all kinds of terrains, we should make sure it can be easily spotted by others while also looking elegant. Our choice is Ipanema Blue Metallic – a color that looks insanely good on the 911 Dakar and is not that well known yet. This could also add to its future value, even though most collectors will want the Rallye Design Package for this reason.

autoevolution's 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar
Photo: Porsche U.S. Configurator
Next, we must decide on the wheels. There’s only one design available, but they can be painted in satin black, Vesuvius grey, or white. We chose none. Black is fine, as this car will have to endure some rough roads at some point. Investing in fancy wheels with cool-looking rims does not make a lot of sense when you intend to visit all kinds of places.

We continue with picking the seats for an interior in which leather and race-tex materials will be found in combination with basic stitching done in Shade Green. Comfort matters, so instead of the full bucket seats, we chose the adaptive sport seats plus with memory package at no extra cost. But we wanted to spice things up a bit inside, so we added the deviated stitching interior package in GT silver.

Moving on, we see once again the option for the Rallye Package. In addition, there’s the Extended Rallye Design Package which costs $3,740, presented in this submenu. We’ll ignore both.

Now we’re at exterior upgrades where we tick the boxes for the carbon fiber roof ($3,890), the window trim in high gloss black, which automatically adds the exterior package painted in high gloss black ($1,720), and the “911 Dakar” puddle light projectors ($370). To make the overall appearance more harmonious, we’ll also add the brake calipers finished in high gloss black ($900).

Next, the surround-view camera system ($1,430) and the preparation for Porsche Dashcam ($130) are going to be selected. The latter includes only the pre-wiring for the front and rear dashcams. The cameras are available at extra cost in the Tequipment shop.

The finishing touches

Now we must get back inside to add the ionizer for the A/C system ($350) and to select the heated seats and steering wheel options. We continue to add the seatbelts in chalk ($540), the central tachometer in white ($420), the Sport Chrono stopwatch dial in white ($420), and – just to be extra safe – the fire extinguisher ($180).

autoevolution's 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar
Photo: Porsche U.S. Configurator
Thanks to Porsche’s focus on allowing customers to truly individualize these vehicles, we also added the bespoke logo on the center console lid option ($670). It is a nice touch that gives your special car a cooler allure.

We made sure to have the Burmester sound system ($3,980) and ticked the box for a special delivery experience at Porsche’s center in Los Angeles.

Our build ended up costing $256,930 after adding $33,480 worth of additional equipment. But we feel it is incomplete since the rear has a portion that is silver. It finds itself in good contrast with other exterior elements, but it would have been nice to replace it with something black. The frustrating part is that it can be done. Just look at the photo gallery, and you’ll see it without the silver bit.

All in all, this 911 Dakar is ready to attack the dunes and take you to any coffee shop you want. The question is – will you buy one?

If you like our 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar, then you can download the entire summary, which is available down below.
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Editor's note: All prices were correct at the time of writing.

 Download: autoevolution's 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar (PDF)

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