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The 2022 Grand Wagoneer: Jeep's Most Luxurious SUV is Back After 37 Years of Absence
The Wagoneer nameplate first appeared in Jeep's line-up way back in 1962. It pioneered the sports utility vehicle (SUV) term, representing the brand's first off-road vehicle to feature an automatic transmission. It stayed intro production until 1991, making it one of the longest-produced single generation cars in the American automotive industry.

The 2022 Grand Wagoneer: Jeep's Most Luxurious SUV is Back After 37 Years of Absence

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The Grand Wagoneer came into production later on, in 1984, as a top luxury trim, at the time being the most upscale and luxurious off-roader money could buy. It featured potent V-8 engines, a shift-on-the-fly four-wheel-drive system, air conditioning, premium speakers, fine leather upholstery, and, of course, the famous wooden side body trim.

The all-new generation SUVs from Jeep, the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, got revived this year for the 2022 models in honor of their iconic predecessors and gratifying their long-awaiting fans. The nameplate will now become an extension of Jeep's branding, marching towards absolute luxury and sophistication.

Grand Wagoneer's powerplant comes in the form of a mild-hybrid system flaunting a 6.4-liter V8 unit producing 471 hp and 455 lb-ft (617 Nm) of torque and gets mated to the TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission. Even if the vehicle has such a vast silhouette, it still manages to reach zero to 62 mph (100 kph) in just six seconds, making some sports cars a bit jealous along the way, for sure.

The hybrid system replaces the traditional alternator with a belt-driven motor generator, which works alongside a 48-volt battery pack. It can provide seamless engine start/stop functions, torque addition to the engine crankshaft when needed, and energy regeneration while braking. Furthermore, it can provide up to 130 lb.-ft of torque available at the initial push of the throttle. Energy is stored in a 390 Wh 12-cell lithium-ion battery. Small-sized and air-cooled, the battery pack is mounted to the floor inside the Grand Wagoneer’s cabin.

Being a veritable off-roader, the Grand Wagoneer can be fitted with three forms of all-wheel-drive systems, namely the Quadra-Trac I, Quadra-Trac II, and the Quadra-Drive II. The latter represents Jeep's range-topping 4x4 system, boasting a two-speed transfer case and an electronic limited-slip differential. Additionally, thanks to the Quadra-Lift air suspension system, which offers up to 10 inches of ground clearance, the Grand Wagoneer can ford up to 24 inches of water.

The vehicle's exterior styling accomplishes a modern reinterpretation of the classic 80s models, elegantly combining design hints from the past with modern influences and state-of-art technologies. The legendary seven-slot grille hints at family ties to the Jeep brand and, on the Grand Wagoneer, features paint-over-chrome laser-etched grille rings, similar to a knurled finish seen on fine watches. Range-topping models feature raised aluminum badging with two-piece copperchino-accented letters that add to the refinement and highlight the attention to detail.

On the inside, the Grand Wagoneer is a luxurious barge, meticulously finished with the finest materials and the most elegant craftmanship Jeep is capable of. The satin American walnut wood trim gets used extensively, alongside premium Nappa and Palermo leather upholstery and aluminum accents. The front seats are 24-way power-adjustable with memory settings and massage functions. Additionally, the first and second-row seats get heating and ventilation functionality. The Grand Wagoneer can provide multiple passenger seating layouts. It can use a double bench arrangement, meaning that it can take up to eight occupants or, if needed, the vehicle can be configured to have a first and second row of captain chairs, both seating plans being a first in the model's history.

Technology-wise, the 2022 Grand Wagoneer features the latest Uconnect system, with a 10.1- or 12-inch digital display, offering fast operating speeds, advanced functionality, and over-the-air updating. The cabin can be fitted with up to up to 75 inches of display space including the instrument cluster, central console area, front passenger display, and the second and third-row entertainment selections.

The Grand Wagoneer will set future owners back quite a bit. Pricing starts at $88,995, but a top-of-the-range model can dig deep into pockets for $110,775. For sure, for many people, the hefty costs will be justified. For the money, you get to play a part in such a meaningful legacy and drive everyday one of America's best luxury vehicles. 


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