The 2022 Ford Maverick's Flexbed Is an Innovative DIY Cargo Box

The 2022 Ford Maverick is the company's smallest pickup truck yet. But it's more than just a downsized, boxier alternative to the Ranger. It's Ford's first unibody truck, the first American hauler fitted with a hybrid drivetrain as standard, and it features one of the most flexible cargo boxes out there.
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At only 4.5 feet long, the Maverick's bed might seem small, especially when compared to the Ranger, which comes with five- and six-foot-long cargo boxes. The F-150 offers even longer bed options that include 5.5-, 6.5-, and 8-foot-long boxes. But don't let that fool you, the Maverick's Flexbed is highly versatile.

It took Ford nearly a year and a half to design it, and it can carry anything from mountain bikes and furniture to a big amount of small items.

The actual cargo room can be longer than 4.5 feet. With the tailgate fully open, it extends to an impressive six feet. Lock the tailgate in its halfway-open position and you can haul long items on the top surfaces of the wheel wells.

2022 Ford Maverick
Ford says this layout can support up to 18 sheets of 4x8-foot 3/4-inch plywood without needing to angle the panels.

The tailgate features up to eight tie-down clamps, two of which double as bottle openers, and is rated to hold 500 pounds (227 kg). Yes, you and two of your buddies can grab a beer and take a seat on the tailgate to take a break or just enjoy the view. Don't drink and drive, though. The cargo box can hold up to 1,500 pounds (680 kg), only slightly below the capacity of most Ranger trucks.

To further improve versatility, Ford added four threaded holes in the bedsides. These can be used to mount various accessories, including an aftermarket Ford cargo management system that will become available at some point.

2022 Ford Maverick
You can also create segmented storage for smaller items you want to keep locked down in place by sliding 2x4 and 2x6 lumber pieces into slots stamped into the sides of the bed. These will also enable you to create an elevated floor and racks for bikes and kayaks for maximum versatility.

You'll find additional storage space mounted in the cargo box's inner sidewalls, covered with latching plastic covers. These in-bed cubbies provide enough room for a trailer hitch, jumper cables, and even a small air compressor. Ford says a two-liter bottle of soda will also fit in there, but that's something you might want to carry inside the cabin.

But what about power? Well, the Maverick is available with a 110-volt, 400-watt household outlet in the bed (in addition to another one fitted in the cabin).

2022 Ford Maverick
Not only can you carry a motorcycle up the mountain, but you can also take the truck camping and run a range of appliances far away from your home.

12-volt power is no issue either, as you'll find 20-amp prewired sources at the rear on either side of the cargo box for do-it-yourself electrical solutions. These will cover everything from powering a laptop to work on the go or adding additional lighting in the bed for a late-night tailgate party.

Finally, the Maverick's bed benefits from enhanced practicality thanks to its low ride height and short sidewalls. It's easier to reach in and grab items from the bed, while the lift-in height with the tailgate fully opened is close to a passenger car at less than 30 inches (762 mm). No more climbing into the bed to unload stuff or climbing on a ladder to get items located close to the cabin.

2022 Ford Maverick
Thanks to its cleverly-designed Flexbed, the Maverick is more than just a smaller Ranger. It's a proper family truck that makes hauling easier and camping more convenient without breaking the bank for a highly-equipped truck or spending a lot of dough on aftermarket cargo solutions.

Yes, Ford does offer a range of accessories, but it also provides everything you need to customize your cargo box the DIY way in the standard package.

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