That Time Khloe Kardashian Stole Her Mom’s Range Rover and It Caught Fire

Celebrities are worlds apart from regular folk, and the younger they attain fame, the fewer the resemblances. Khloe Kardashian would have you know that she’s that much different, though.
Khloe Kardashian recalls the time she stole her mother's Range Rover and it ended up in a fire 1 photo
Photo: YouTube/Drew Barrymore
During a recent appearance on Drew Barrymore’s new show to promote the final season of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality series, Khloe told a funny auto-related story about herself as a teenager and her mom’s ride. We’ve all done some pretty stupid or downright regrettable things when we were teenagers, and yes, some of them involved taking our parents’ car without permission.

Khloe is no different.

As she says right in the beginning of the video below, Khloe waited for her mother Kris Jenner to go to sleep so she could sneak out in her Range Rover. She made sure to put pillows in her bed under the blankets (such a teenager move!), and sneaked out of the house to go party. She never imagined her night would end with her driving back home in a half-burned Range Rover.

“Stole the car, I went to a party at a hotel, and I parked my car yada yada yada the valet comes knocking on the door and they are like, ‘Excuse me, there is this car on fire and your car is next to it and it's burning half of it’,” Khloe recalls.

“So apparently someone was cheating on their husband, the husband came and lit the wife's car on fire, and I didn't valet my car because I couldn't afford valet at the time, I was sixteen,” she continues. “And I had my keys, so they couldn't move my car and half of the Range Rover caught on fire.”

Her mother’s Range Rover was still drivable, but half of it was badly burned, Khloe says. The weatherstripping on that side was “dripping down” and the navy blue color had turned what we can only assume was a less good-looking shade of charred. Khloe’s lesson in all this was that she shouldn’t lie because she always gets caught.

As for the Range Rover, we wouldn’t worry. The Kardashian-Jenner family is worth an estimated $2 billion collectively. They probably replaced it the next day.

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