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That's Why We Love Short Skirts and Motorcycles

Summer is not only great because we get to ride a lot more, but also because the warm weather gets lightly-dressed chicks on bikes… and since the wind is working for us, sights as the one in the header are becoming a rather common thing.
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Funny thing, sport bikes seem to be exceptionally favorable for such activities, with their upswept tail and pillion seat making a pretty sight even when the passenger is wearing leathers. However, when it comes to skirts and especially short ones, things get serious, as there’s barely anything the passenger can do to prevent showing her goodies to the world.

Maybe she wanted to cover herself, but hanging onto the rider well seemed a far better idea. Anyway, with her head covered by the helmet, it will be rather hard to be identified, save by someone who knows her underwear, or the rider/bike. By the way, here’s a (properly) cool story on underwear and motorcycles.

As for the rider, it’s not exactly seldom since guys like him are mourned for. Taking your helmet off to have it on the passenger’s head is foolish multiple times. First of all, if you’re into offering joyrides to girls, get a second lid and a hook elastic net for it. Strap it to your bike’s tail and play it cool.

Riding without a helmet is dangerous and will get you in trouble with the police. Finally, in case the helmet is too big for your lady (which is often the case), the lid will do little to protect her in case of a crash. And if it’s too snug, she’ll have a headache by the time your nocturnal escapade ends… if you know what I mean…

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