That Moment When the Tesla Model X Went Totally Crazy All by Itself

The neat trick with cars that can get wireless updates while they’re charging - and you’re sleeping - is that when you wake up, they can welcome you in the way you are about to see in the video below.
Tesla Model X Routine 1 photo
Of course, the fact that the car can receive updates on the fly will have the more paranoid among us disconnecting the wireless router every time we go to bed, but you have no idea what you’d be missing on.

A sound and light show, to be more precise, that will make your friends look at their cars just like dog owners turn to their Golden Retrievers after watching some heroic German Shepherds save their owners from certain death: “you’re nowhere near as cool, but I still love you.

However, this latest party gimmick from Tesla won’t save anyone’s life - in fact, if you’re epileptic, you might want to stay away from all the lights flashing and the loud noise. It’s as useless as a sunroof inside a tunnel, but it will make the Tesla X the star of any parking lot once the show starts to unfold.

What it does is turn the new Model X into a giant and very expensive music visualizer, like the ones we get on our smartphones but never actually use because we got over them a long time ago. Still, nobody has ever done it with a car - at least not with a stock one - so that makes Tesla’s performance considerably more noteworthy.

It’s easy to sacrifice a car and rig its LED matrix lights to a computer and make them work in a precise sequence, but doing this without any outside influence while also being able to climb into the car and drive away right after the spectacle is over, that’s what makes the Tesla Model X’s performance so impressive.

Tesla says that this feature will come on all Model X cars as an Easter Egg, so if you’re planning on buying one of Elon Musk’s electric SUV, you can go about this two ways: waste valuable hours trying to figure out how to get it going, or enjoy your life and wait until somebody else does it and brags about it online.

We’d be very curious to know how many people were convinced to buy a Tesla Model X following this little performance, but hopefully, not too many. If not for the ridiculousness of the situation, then simply because they would have to wait until next Christmas before they could put on the show.


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