Testing Elon Musk's Promises: Can You Fit a Bike in a Model 3's Trunk?

We don't know if you remember - it's been nearly two years now - but when the Model 3 was first revealed on the last day of March 2016, one of the main complaints from the audience (both live and virtual) was that the trunk seemed a little too petite.
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To be more precise, it was the trunk opening that caused everybody to worry they wouldn't be able to fit much through there. Especially when compared to the gaping hole created by opening the liftgate on the Model S, which may have spoiled Tesla owners in that respect.

Unlike the other issue signaled by many - the absence of a head-up display - Musk did listen to the voice of the people on this matter and altered the size of the loading area on the Model 3 accordingly. When speaking about it, he even said you would be able to fit a full-size bike through there.

We find it odd that nobody has tried putting that statement to test until now, but here are the people from the YouTube channel Now You Know finally obliging. Though we might raise a few concerns over the size of the bike they have chosen: fair enough, it's got standard 26-inch MTB wheels, but the frame is impossibly small. As a man who rides a 22-inch frame 29er, I find this completely useless.

However, it's their test, their car, and their bike, so they do whatever they like. But even under these circumstances, the bike will squeeze in, but you won't be able to close the trunk as well without taking the front wheel off.

Some people suggested in the comments they should have tried getting the bike in the other way around, slotting the front wheel behind the front seats, but that's plainly impossible to achieve without either taking the wheel off or twisting the handlebar so it's parallel with the front wheel.

All in all, it's safe to say you're better off buying a Model X if what you want is to transport bicycles inside the vehicle. Better yet, just get a trailer hitch and a bicycle rack that goes on it and you'll be a much happier person. Oh, and you'll also be able to take your bike along instead of your kid's.

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