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Tesla’s Sentry Mode to Fend Off Car Thieves by Playing Really Loud Music

Owning a Tesla car is an experience like no other, not only because of what these cars have to offer in term of actual motoring, but also thanks to the wide range of features available for the cars’ operating system.
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Updates upon updates have transformed the Tesla car into something of a computer on wheels. It offers possibilities not available on most other cars, from self-driving to on-board farts. And as of this week, the number of such possibilities increases even further with the rollout of the new Sentry Mode.

Sentry Mode is an alarm system with eyes and brains. One that can turn any threatening action toward the car and its contents into a very embarrassing and public moment for the wannabe thief.

Designed to take care of the car when left unattended, Sentry Mode will permanently monitor the vehicle’s surroundings using the existing cameras. It will also fight back if a threat is detected.

When that threat is deemed to be minimal, say when someone leans against the car, a message is displayed on the central tablet, telling the one doing the leaning to stop it, as he is being watched.

If by any chance that person doesn't get the message and attempts a more aggressive approach, the car’s alarm switches on and the center display begins shining brighter. You know, like the lights in the rural town of Hawkins, Indiana do when Eleven uses her powers.

But that's not all. The system will also play music at full volume, so that police know where the party is. 

The car will even tell on the thief by sending alerts to the owner via the mobile app. Ten minutes worth of recordings can be downloaded by the owner as proof of the incident.

Tesla says this new feature has already begun being downloaded in Model 3 vehicles in the U.S., with the Model X and Model S to follow.

To use the feature, owners will have to enable it each time by accessing Controls > Safety & Security > Sentry Mode.

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