Car video reviews: Domain Finally Acquired by Tesla Motors

It’s been 13 years since Tesla Motors set up shop. Though few people refer to Tesla by its full name, one of the company’s biggest wishes was to shorten the URL of its website from to, a domain that was first registered in 1992.
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Remember 1992? It’s the year AT&T released the $1,499 video-telephone and the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert took place at the Webley Stadium. Feeling old yet? The question is, though, who would acquire in 1992 and for what reason? The answer comes from a story published by Bloomberg.

Engineer Stu Grossman acquired the domain because he had an affinity for Nikola Tesla. An attorney in Pennsylvania, who represented Grossman in a dispute with another company, surmises that Tesla Motors got its hands on after a voluntary arrangement. Grossman and Tesla declined to comment on. Tesla Industries, Inc., a company specialized in making portable electronic ground power units, tried to get the domain in 2005 from Grossman but failed.

Whereas has been largely inactive throughout its existence, now the domain redirects visitors to In terms of search engine optimization and Google page rank, is the best domain Elon Musk could’ve got his hands on. When you think about it, Tesla without Motors in the domain name is exactly what the company needed.

After entering the home utilities game and the launch of the Tesla Powerwall home battery, the Palo Alto-based company ventured beyond manufacturing and selling electric vehicles. In related Tesla news, the Gigafactory outside Sparks, Nevada, is expected to go online late this year and start battery production in 2017. The behemoth structure and its production capacity are fundamental to Tesla's ambitiousness.

With a planned production rate of 500,000 electric vehicles per year by 2020, the Gigafactory is a means to an end for Tesla. By 2020, Tesla expects the Gigafactory to make more lithium-ion batteries per year than the worldwide production in 2013.


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