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Tesla Working on Smartwatch for Kids and People Start Imagining Crazy Features

While the world is waiting for regulators to give their go-ahead for Google to take over Fitbit, and thus allow the search giant to conquer the wearable market as well, here’s a surprising name that’s looking into ways to step into the smartwatch business too.
So what's Elon Musk planning to do with a smartwatch for kids? Nobody knows 1 photo
It’s Tesla, the carmaker that’s reportedly involved in the manufacturing of a new smartwatch alongside a Norwegian company called Xplora Technologies.

A Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing doesn’t reveal what Tesla has to do with the project, but the name of the company is indeed mentioned by Xplora as involved in the smartwatch project.

And since details are so sketchy at this point, it was only a matter of time until the WWW started to take guesses as to what Tesla is aiming for with this smartwatch for kids.

First of all, it’s the most unlikely scenario, which claims that Tesla is actually building a smartwatch for kids because it wants to allow its cars to take children to school without a driver. While this is technically possible already, this idea envisions a way for a student to just get in the car and then use their smartwatch (also built by Tesla) to tell the car where to go.

Then, it’s a more likely version that suggests Tesla might be planning to purchase Xplora. While this is something that makes more sense, it’s hard to find a reason why Tesla would actually purchase a company that builds smartwatches for kids. Unless Elon Musk is planning in advance, so he wants to build something that more innovative that would require smartwatch technology to power it.

And last but not least, and this is the scenario that has more chances to be accurate, Tesla is selling several accessories for kids, so it might sign a deal with the Norwegian company to bring this smartwatch to its store. Sure, this still doesn’t explain why Tesla is involved in the actual building process of the device, but hopefully we’ll find out more on the whole thing in the coming months.


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