Tesla Won't Say No to Any Type of Drag Racing, Goes Against a Horse

That's what happens when you've made a name for yourself on the drag strip despite being very different from the type of cars that usually spend their time there: everybody wants to have a go at you.
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Tesla racing horsesTesla racing horsesTesla racing horses
But apart from its unquestionable performance, there is one other thing that recommends a Tesla for certain kinds of drag races: its ability to not make that much fuss about it thanks to the silent electric powertrain. Oh, and the fact it is completely emissions free. These two things hardly matter during a regular race, but they might have held more importance for the organizers of this little competition.

Just imagine having all these people gathered for an equestrian competition having to listen to the loud revs of a supercar's engine. And think about the horses too: Salvador's beast would have probably run scared toward the paddocks the second a turbocharged V8 unleashed all of its might just a few feet away from him.

With the Tesla, it looks as though the horses were actually welcoming the test. On the asphalt, there would have been no point even to attempt a race like this, but the grass did level up the playing field a little. The Tesla loses some of the traction while the horse is running in his favorite environment. Had the grass been a little wet we might have even seen a different winner.

Even so, it was decently close. Well, at least the first part of the race was because the organizers thought a relay would be more entertaining. After the initial sprint, the driver had to jump out of the Model S and into a Model X, while Salvador was supposed to leave the first horse to rest and get on a second one. Unfortunately, the exchange didn't go as planned for the hay-eating team, so, in the end, the gap was considerable.

You might find this whole idea a bit silly, but you should know this isn't the first time Tesla cars were involved in horse-related action. We've included two more videos below that show another race with a Mode S and a Tesla Roadster being used as a horse jumping obstacle. We can see something developing here.

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