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Tesla Will Finally Launch the Cloud-Profile Feature That Elon Musk Promised Five Years Ago

Tesla is finally bringing cloud-based profiles to its fleet in the upcoming 2022.24 software update. The feature, which is now officially called Tesla Profiles, was promised by Elon Musk as early as 2017. In the meantime, other carmakers offered similar functions for quite some time.
Tesla will finally launch the cloud-profile feature 7 photos
Tesla will finally launch the cloud-profile featureTesla will finally launch the cloud-profile featureTesla Model YTesla Model YTesla Model YTesla will finally launch the cloud-profile feature
In 2018, Mercedes-Benz launched the current generation of the A-Class with the MBUX interface. It was in no way perfect, as I was about to discover. Still, it did offer the option to create a Mercedes Me account and have it synced across different vehicles. As a journalist, this should’ve made test driving several versions of the car a breeze, as it would sync seat, steering wheel, and mirror settings.

The only problem was that typing in your username and password when you changed cars was a real PITA. Basically, it was faster to just adjust everything by hand. But that was an extreme use case. Most people don’t jump from one car to another in a matter of hours. Having all your settings downloaded from the cloud when you rent or change the car is still incredibly useful. This is a feat that Tesla owners will soon enjoy once the 2022.24 software update gets deployed.

The feature was promised by Elon Musk as early as 2017, so we can say it is long overdue. According to the 2022.24 release notes obtained by NotATeslaApp, Tesla is finally offering the option to tie your driver profile to your Tesla account. This way, some settings such as mirror, seat, and wheel positions will sync across vehicles. That’s useful if you own more than one Tesla or rent a lot, saving you a lot of time adjusting everything to your needs.

Besides seat, mirrors, and steering wheel adjustment, the Tesla profile will also sync some vehicle settings. These are related to Autopilot, driving preferences, and climate control settings, but also to navigation, media, and data sharing preferences, including navigation favorites and recent destinations.


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