Tesla Vs. Hummer H2 Snowy Hill Climb Highlights the Importance of Tires

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Bjørn Nyland has apparently set out on a quest to show us what the Tesla Model X can and can't do, pouring video after video of him doing more or less ridiculous stuff with his Optimus Prime (the name of his blue P90D X).
Sometimes, you almost feel as though you're watching a Norwegian episode of Jackass presented by a guy with Asian origins, which is probably why it's so damn entertaining. Well, the host's sense of humor and apparent disregard for the safety of his vehicle need to get some of the credit as well.

We've seen Bjørn do all kinds of stupid things that most of us wouldn't even dream to put our quite expensive car through, but in the name of very approximate science, he did. Thanks to his stunts, we now know not to take our Model X off-roading unless we absolutely have to, and also who wins in a tug of war between the American electric SUV and the even more American Hummer H2.

You get the sense Bjørn is a little upset about the outcome of that contest, so he's brought the Hummer owner out once again to play in the snow. The video starts with the H2 trying out the same challenge the Model X failed at in a previous video, only for the ICE SUV to become stuck itself. It then goes out on a rampage through the fresh snow, but that soon ends in the same way.

Around the nine-minute mark, the two vehicles find a pretty steep slope covered in snow which they decide to climb. The Tesla goes first and clears it with very little effort. Bjørn then returns only to stop in the steepest part and attempt to climb back up from a standstill. It's a painfully slow affair, but the battery-powered SUV does with no wheel slip.

It's the Hummer's turn. The climb from the bottom of the slope poses no problems, but once it attempts the same mid-way start, the studded tires immediately start digging into the snow, looking for traction. The H2's rubber was a lot more suited for mud driving, having very deep treads with lots of space in between them designed to prevent the mud from sticking.

In the end, Bjørn probably got what he wanted, which was revenge, even though he too admits that it was all down to tires and nothing else. And sensing the advantage on the day, he proposes a tug of war rematch. Sadly, that's not in this clip, so maybe in a future one.

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