Tesla Updates Model S with Range Assurance and Trip Planner, Auto Steering Will Follow

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Tesla Model S 6.2 Software UpdateTesla Model S 6.2 Software UpdateTesla Model S 6.2 Software Update
Elon Musk and Tesla Motors held the press conference announced a few day ago by saying range anxiety will become history and here’s what the future holds for current and future Tesla Model S owners.
Just as we thought, the over-the-air software update that affects Model S owners in the most pleasing way - at least in theory - will bring two changes: a range assurance application and a trip planner. Both add-ons will be included in the Tesla Firmware 6.2 version delivered through the OTA feature, so let’s see what each of them is capable of.

Firstly, the Range Assurance application will run silently in the background, no matter if the user turns on or off the car’s navigation system. In addition, it is designed to communicate in real time with both Superchargers and destination chargers, warning the driver when he’s getting close to driving out of range but at the same tine, the ignores those charging stations that are in use.

Moreover, the feature uses the map to pinpoint convenient charging locations and also provides proper directions to the nearest one. Elevation and driving style are calculated on the go so according to Elon Musk, the add-on “makes it basically impossible for a Model S driver to run out of range unintentionally”. Furthermore, Tesla’s goal is to double its Supercharger deployment by the end of 2015.

Range Assurance will update once every 30 seconds and will also make changes in energy management as the car is traveling to its destination. While running, the feature will scan Superchargers, find out which ones are busy and which ones are free and route the car to the latter.

Secondly, Tesla worked on and implemented a Trip Planner function that automatically navigates to destination while integrating the best charging options on the go. In other words, the software is able to tell which route is both the fastest and most convenient to your desired destination.

But there’s more good stuff: it can also figure out how long you’ll have to stop at a Supercharger location so that the battery is charged with the proper amount of juice. Furthermore, the Model S’ new intelligence infusion will be able to tell exactly for how long you must charge while taking a break in order to get the range that will take you to the final destination.

Regarding the upcoming 7.0 version of the software, Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla Motors hopes to release the Auto Steering feature in three months time that enables Model S owners to “travel from San Francisco to Seattle” almost without touching the steering wheel, but this option will only be enabled on a highway or major road.

Musk also mentioned that owners will be able to summon their cars remotely, but only on private property. For example, the car can be sent back in the garage or can be told to wait outside the door until every passenger is ready to go. He also added that owners should expect such important OTA updates to be delivered once every three or four months.
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