Tesla Supercharger Network Reaches 500 Sites Around the World, They Had 400 in April

Tesla Supercharger 1 photo
Photo: Tesla
We are sure you are familiar with Tesla's Supercharger - described as the fastest charging station on the planet - but if not, prepare to be because they already have 500 sites around the world, built in less than three years.
Wait, what? They had almost 400 Supercharger locations in April, how is this possible? Well, by building on an average, around 20 Superchargers a month.

It looks like Tesla's strategy regarding Superchargers is working. They first focused on gaining a foothold in California, around the carmaker’s facility in Fremont, but managed to keep up a steady pace that allowed them to reach this significant milestone.

According to data from April 2015, Elon Musk's company had 397 up and running Supercharger stations worldwide, including 173 in the US. Moreover, 19 such locations were under construction at that time, with other 14 are awaiting permits.

They sure moved fast, because according to Business Finance News, Tesla installed their 500th EV-charging station. The site is located in Moers, Germany, about 25 miles north of Dusseldorf.

Quality also matters

It might seem what Tesla is doing right now has a lot to do with aiming for quantity, but the company also wants quality to make a statement for their Supercharger network.

That's why their charging grid received new liquid-cooled charging cables two months ago. Reports at that time suggested the liquid responsible for taking some of the heat away and keeping things cool is propylene glycol, an antifreeze agent often used in automotive applications.

Moreover, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated that besides the cooling solution, he plans on making available other renewable electricity sources for the Supercharger grid.

One thing's for sure, though: the network will continue to grow like a living organism and for a good reason. Tesla's popularity and reach have been growing, not to mention they plan on launching the Model X crossover pretty soon.

Add the Model 3 into the mix, plus the existing Model S EVs and you can clearly see why the demand for an extended Supercharger network is so high.
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