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Tesla Semi with Impressive Artwork on Its Body Spotted Out in the Wild

Tesla seems to have ramped up the road testing phase for the Tesla Semi recently, as the Class 8 semi-truck has been seen rolling on the highway.
Tesla Semi seen in the wild 7 photos
Tesla Semi electric pick up truckTesla Semi electric pick up truckTesla Semi electric pick up truckTesla Semi electric pick up truckTesla Semi electric pick up truckTesla Semi electric pick up truck
A short clip of the electric pickup truck with some impressive artwork on its body was posted on Reddit. According to user u/brookhouser, the Tesla Semi was traveling west on Interstate 80 in Colfax, California.

As it turns out, the truck seen cruising in the wild might be the same Semi that was on display at Tesla's Giga Texas grand opening event and delivery party in April. People who attended the Cyber Rodeo event say an artist painted the electric rig during the party.

The fact that the EV automaker is testing this eye-catching example of the Semi on public roads shows that it surely isn’t trying to hide its Class 8 truck from public eyes. Two other Tesla Semi trucks have been spotted recently driving on I-80 near Donner Lake in California.

Commenters on social media channels assume the fully-electric trucks were heading to PepsiCo (Frito Lay) in Modesto, as the company has a large order of Tesla's electric haulers.

The Tesla Semi was first unveiled in 2017, but the mass production of the truck has been pushed to 2023. The reservation books for Semi are already open, and the carmaker is accepting fully refundable $20,000 (19,500 Euro) deposits in the United States.

The price on the official website has remained the same as in 2017, meaning $150,000 (nearly 147,000 Euro) for the base version that promises a 300-mile (483-km) range and $180,000 (176,100 Euro) for the other version, which claims to be capable of traveling 500 miles or 805 km on a single charge. The latter is also said to tow 80,000 pounds (36,300 kg).

Even though the Tesla Semi might be in the testing phase, interested parties will have to wait at least another two years before the full-volume production starts.


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