Tesla Semi Motorhome Looks Ready for the Digital Future, Electric RV-ing Still a Dream

Tesla Semi motorhome looks ready for the digital future 6 photos
Photo: Jowua via Twitter
Tesla Semi motorhome looks ready for the digital futureThe Tesla Semi-Home would be the world's first long-range, all-electric, luxury RVThe Tesla Semi-Home would be the world's first long-range, all-electric, luxury RVThe Tesla Semi-Home would be the world's first long-range, all-electric, luxury RVTesla Semi motorhome looks ready for the digital future
The team at Jowua decided to monetize the popularity of motorhomes and the hype around the Tesla Semi with a rendering of a potential Tesla Semi motorhome. Although the looks are impressive, we’re not sure such a construction is even possible.
Off-grid motorhomes are incredibly popular, striking a chord with Americans as they promise to offer unlimited freedom to explore the country without worrying about accommodation or infrastructure. Until recently, life off-grid meant mixing liquid fuels to power the engines on the motorhome and its generator with batteries and possibly solar panels to save on fuel. A hybrid, if you will. With the proliferation of electric pickup trucks and, recently, the Tesla Semi, electric RV-ing looks possible, eliminating the fuel from the equation.

The first Tesla Semi units were recently delivered to PepsiCo, and a demonstrative trip was said to be performed. According to this test, the Semi can go more than 500 miles (805 km) on a charge while carrying 81,000 pounds (about 36,740 kg) of cargo in its trailer. Imagine how far it would make it in a much lighter motorhome configuration. We certainly see a fifth-wheeler luxury trailer hooked to the Semi, roaming the country in search of off-grid adventures.

The guys at Jowua think otherwise, and based on their renderings, the Semi could serve as the base for a motorhome with integrated chassis. This is not likely possible unless it will be a very short motorhome. We’ve seen such a render before, and we must admit it isn’t pretty. On the other hand, Joshua’s take is pleasantly designed to impress any RV-lifer. That is if you don’t look further to the rear, where four wheels are pictured in a somehow fuzzy image.

If four wheels are needed back there, it’s fair to assume that Semi’s front axle won’t be enough to carry the full weight of this motorhome. There are, of course, further indications of this work being done by someone less familiar with digital art tools. Looking at the interior picture, we see a guy with an incredibly skinny leg holding a strange laptop in his creepy hands. We’re not sure this is our artist, but it could explain the confusion. Nice try, anyway, but we give this rig (or others like it) zero chances to come into the market.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the Tesla Semi is not an incredibly competent truck to tow a multi-million-dollar motorhome. We know quite a few movie stars who would want to replace their diesel truck with the Semi and boast about their green stance. Certainly not Vin Diesel because that would be a betrayal to his name, but Leonardo DiCaprio just might. Not to mention Mariah Carey, whose most famous song, “All I want for Christmas is you,” might become a shout-out to this electric truck. It would’ve been a nice Pepsi promotion soundtrack, don’t you think?

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