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Tesla Semi Family Picture Taken at Giga Nevada Is Nothing More Than a Teaser

Tesla revealed the 2021 financial results and, right there in the report, they slipped a picture showing four Semi trucks. The company’s executives remained mostly silent about the Semi plans throughout the conference call and now there are more questions than answers.
Tesla Semi family picture taken at Giga Nevada 10 photos
Tesla Semi entered limited production at Giga NevadaTesla Semi entered limited production at Giga NevadaTesla Semi entered limited production at Giga NevadaTesla Semi entered limited production at Giga NevadaTesla Semi entered limited production at Giga NevadaTesla SemiTesla SemiTesla SemiTesla Semi
Tesla’s first electric semi-truck is a hot subject, being touted as a game-changer in the industry. The only thing with this is that the Semi is nowhere to be seen, except for some pictures and scattered fly-over videos. The electric truck was rumored to start deliveries last year to PepsiCo, the launch customer, but rumors were denied soon thereafter.

We see history repeating, just like with the Cybertruck, which was also a game-changer at the time it was announced. Two years later, we have the Rivian R1T, GMC Hummer EV, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Chevrolet Silverado EV all battling in a segment that Tesla created but failed to compete in. Now we’re afraid Tesla will miss another opportunity with the Semi, a vehicle that could again be too little, too late.

Delays with the Semi program came even as Tesla started testing the electric trucks around Gigafactory Nevada. Tesla released a picture showing four Semi electric trucks but surprisingly didn’t comment on the program.

The only words that remotely mentioned the Semi were an excuse to why some high-profile models were missing from Tesla’s roadmap. Musk mentioned “a lot of engineering and tooling” work being done, while also expressing hopes the Semi, along with the Cybertruck and Roadster, will go into production “hopefully next year.”

The Semi family in the picture includes three full-blown semi-trucks, along with a smaller day cab, showing different versions of the electric truck are in development. The location is Giga Nevada, next to the Megacharger charging station that is rumored to deliver 1.5 MW of power for a quick charge able to add 400 miles of range in just 30 minutes.

Hopefully, Tesla will be able to deliver at least some testing units this year, as suggested by the Megachargers installations at PepsiCo and Frito-Lay’s headquarters. Otherwise, Elon Musk will have to watch another lucrative market segment slipping through his fingers just like it happened with the Cybertruck.


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