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Tesla's Enhanced Autopilot Is Back Across the Board in the U.S., but It's Too Expensive

Elon Musk kept his promise made on Twitter. Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot is once again available for customers. It can now be enabled from the carmaker’s app. Don’t get too excited about it yet because it’s very expensive. Most owners that saw the option available in the app aren’t too happy about it either.
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If you have a Tesla without the Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta technology and were planning a trip this weekend, then you might want to check the manufacturer’s app. Enhanced Autopilot is back! It’s available across the range for newly ordered vehicles and existing ones.

Elon Musk was asked by someone on Twitter to enable Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) for everyone because “FSD is too expensive.” Tesla’s CEO replied with “ok.” After just a week since that response, EAP is back for U.S. owners and prospective clients. The executive made sure to keep his word.

The software upgrade is currently available for every Tesla on sale and almost all existing owners can buy it if their car has the right hardware.

Enhanced Autopilot brings overtaking slow cars in your lane, automatic lane change when you want it to happen, and cruise control for highway driving. It also includes automatic parallel and perpendicular parking (known as Autopark) and Smart Summon which allows the vehicle to travel by itself to the owner or even park itself in tight spaces while the driver is not inside. However, it does not include the traffic light recognition that comes with the very useful green light chime which lets you know when to go forward.

The cost of the Enhanced Autopilot now is $6,000. This is half the price tag for the FSD Beta. The good news is that when you’re ready to go to the next level and enable the FSD Beta, the cost is only $6,000. You won’t have to pay the full $12,000. Just remember you need to qualify for the top-notch assistance system.

The cars that run the basic Autopilot system can steer, accelerate, and brake while going on the highway, but it doesn’t include the automatic lane change and the Smart Summon features.

Owners and fans of Tesla vehicles expressed their disappointment with the pricing on multiple forums and other dedicated platforms. They argue that $6,000 is too much “for just an automatic lane change update.” Many said they would’ve gladly paid $2,000 or $3,000 at the most, but not half of what FSD Beta is currently worth. Some even argued that Enhanced Autopilot should be included for free with the newest vehicles since their prices have risen unexpectedly high.

People also suggested Tesla should offer various functions for individual costs. Different customers argued they’d like to have the green light chime and the auto lane change without the Summon and Smart Summon features. Most likely, this won’t happen since the EV maker is looking to increase its revenue. Remaining profitable in the current economic climate isn’t easy, especially as the automaker is bent on keeping the production numbers high.

As is the case with FSD Beta, too, Enhanced Autopilot doesn’t mean the car can drive itself. It’s just advanced cruise control software that’s able to do more than the average Tesla competitor. The driver must always keep their hands on the steering wheel and remain attentive. Even if some influencers are filming themselves not touching the wheel during FSD activation, you shouldn’t do the same.

The same precautions are available for the Smart Summon feature. Make sure you are always seeing your vehicle coming towards you so you can safely disengage the Smart Summon if the system fails to identify an obstacle.


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