Tesla's Early 2018 Navigation Update to Put It "Light-Years Ahead"

If for some reason you haven't figured it out already and we need to spell it out, the description quoted in the title belongs to Elon Musk, Tesla Inc. CEO and creator of hype extraordinaire.
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Musk announced the update via Twitter yesterday while responding to a Dutch owner who was complaining about the speed at which the road layout changes in Holland and how Tesla is failing to keep up with it.

Go to any Tesla owners group or forum, and you'll be met by hilarious photos of the vehicle's display showing the route found by the car's system that's usually unnecessarily long and complicated. Imagine you'd have to drive two blocks down the street, but the nav tells you to take a five-mile detour just for the sake of it.

Now, Tesla is preparing what is essentially the first important upgrade for the navigation module, and while the only details available at this time is the CEO's tweet, even if we take away the Musk-hype-factor, it should still provide an important and very much needed improvement for all the current and future Tesla owners.

So it won't be "light years ahead" of the system used by Tesla EVs right now, but just a few miles ahead should do. Then again, people are speculating that the new navigation module might make the first step toward autonomous driving because, let's face it, even if the software and hardware in the vehicles would allow it, the navigation systems currently fitted aren't up for it.

We would need high-definition maps and pinpoint GPS accuracy, to list just a few things that are missing from the current systems. It's not just the overlapping with the massive rollout of the Model 3 that suggests that autonomous driving is the endgame here. It also wouldn't make sense for Tesla to work on a massive satnav upgrade right now that didn't consider self-driving when it clearly would need to do it in just a few years anyway. Besides, the company did it with other features of the Model 3, so why not the new navigation as well?
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