Tesla Rolls Out FSD Beta V11.4.1 With "Major Architectural Improvements"

Although it seems like a minor update over the previous V11.4 version released to select Tesla employees in April, the FSD Beta V11.4.1 is nothing but. Musk recently tweeted that the new update is not a simple bug-fixing release, as it includes "major architectural improvements."
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Tesla rolls out FSD Beta V11.4.1Tesla rolls out FSD Beta V11.4.1Tesla FSD Beta V11.4 ships to employeesTesla FSD Beta V11.4 ships to employeesTesla pushed two different versions of the FSD Beta at the same time
Elon Musk again said that Tesla's self-driving software might be ready this year, and we suspect it would not be the last time he will say that. Undeniably, Tesla Full Self-Driving has improved tremendously in the past year, although it seems impossible to iron out all the rough edges. Especially with the V11 release, the FSD Beta software has become pretty good at navigating the city streets and highways. Still, it needs driver supervision at all times since Tesla doesn't assume responsibility for those moments when FSD misbehaves.

Tesla rolled out the V11.4 software version to a limited group of employees in April and has worked tirelessly ever since to bring the update to the broader fleet. Considering the last V11.3 build was deployed in March, the 11.4 branch is taking a long time to get production-ready. On May 8, the initial V11.4 build was pushed to more Tesla employees, marking the next step in the development. At the same time, Tesla advanced the V11.4.1, which Elon Musk hyped as being vastly improved under the hood, despite the numbers suggesting otherwise.

Tesla FSD V11.4.1 is now shipping to Tesla employees, and the release notes indicate that Musk was right to talk about significant improvements. The changes are big enough that Tesla CEO said it could've named the build V12 if this release wasn't already spoken for. FSD Beta V12 is reserved for when the software will be "end-to-end AI, from images in to steering, brakes & acceleration out," he said. That was a bold statement, which Musk reiterated on Wednesday with the release of the V11.4.1.

The update substantially improves how the FSD Beta handles lanes, thanks to lane-guidance inputs added to the Occupancy Network. This should result in a 16% reduction in false negative median detections. Thanks to a bigger training set, perceptions of lanes, forks, merges, and turns improved significantly, resulting in better control through turns and smoothness in general. Tesla also smoothed in-line offsetting for large vehicles by tuning the lateral jerk allowed for the maneuver.

Other changes affect the car's behavior around other vehicles and pedestrians. For instance, the software improved assertiveness for crossing pedestrians in cases where it can safely cross before the pedestrian. It also increased vehicle detection precision to reduce false positive detections. The update should also reduce driver interventions caused by other vehicles cutting into the lane by better anticipating objects' trajectories and proactively offsetting and adjusting speed.

Tesla has leveraged auto-labeling capabilities to chew up tens of thousands of driving footage. This speeds up improvements to how the FSD Beta software reacts in certain situations. Elon Musk may be overly optimistic regarding FSD capabilities, but we'll know when the software is ready because Tesla will assume responsibility for its decisions. Until then, it's poised to remain a driver-assist system, although more advanced than others on the market.

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