Tesla Roadster II Shooting Brake Rendering Looks like a VW Scirocco from Hell

Elon Musk said the new Tesla Roadster isn't just a phenomenally quick sports car, but also a practical one. According to the CEO, it can seat four adults in its 2+2 configuration and also offers decent amounts of storage space.
Tesla Roadster II prototype 1 photo
Of course, all that has to be compared to what you would normally get from a sports car, which is two virtually unusable seats in the back and a joke of a trunk either up front (if the engine was rear-mounted like in a Porsche) or where it normally sits.

Since it doesn't need an engine but uses three electric motors instead, the Roadster II can be a bit more practical. Musk didn't go into other details about the two rear seats apart from the fact they won't be able to accommodate giants, and he didn't give any measurements on the frunk either, but fair to assume that a car this size and shape can't do any wonders.

A lot of the concessions had to be made to keep the exterior design appealing, but also help with aerodynamics. After all, the Tesla Semi has a better aerodynamic coefficient than the Bugatti Chiron, so we expect the Roadster to beat that by a considerable margin.

But it's a generally accepted fact that the shooting brake body shape is one of the sexiest out there, perhaps partly because almost no manufacturer is willing to build this type of vehicle anymore. That's a bit of a paradox, but it's the way things stand.

However, our old acquaintance, X-Tomi Design, saw an opportunity here. He figured the Roadster II design would fit this body style perfectly, and since he's handy with Photoshop, he created a digital rendering of what the vehicle would look like.

Well, it does remind us of the Volkswagen Scirocco overall, especially if you ignore the front end design, but that's not really a bad thing since the 'Roc was one of VW's best designs. Besides, the Tesla Roadster II Shooting Brake looks miles better - sportier and more aggressive - AND it can do 0-60 mph in under two seconds.

While the Roadster is still a concept, which means some design modifications aren't out of the question, if Tesla uses the same recipe as with the Model 3, then we're probably looking at the car that will roll out the factory doors come 2020. Or, you know, whenever Tesla sees fit.


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