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Tesla Quietly Updated the 2022 Model S in the U.S., Here's What's New

It’s not every day that Tesla upgrades one of its vehicles, but when it happens, it’s done in great secrecy or with a great party – there’s no in-between. The 2022 Model S for the U.S. market got some exterior updates that make the EV look and feel fresh as spring.
Updated 2022 Tesla Model S 6 photos
Updated 2022 Tesla Model SUpdated 2022 Tesla Model SUpdated 2022 Tesla Model SUpdated 2022 Tesla Model SUpdated 2022 Tesla Model S
Tesla customers that ordered a Model S will now receive a different car. The upgrades are not spectacular, but they’re enough to set the updated model apart from the same EVs envisioned by Musk and his team.

According to photos we’ve found on Twitter and Reddit, the new Model S and Model S Plaid delivered to customers come with different headlamps and taillights. In the front, we now find Matrix LEDs. These are capable of using a selective beam that keeps the road ahead of you illuminated without dazzling oncoming drivers. It’s a good thing Tesla’s bringing the refreshed Model S now in the U.S. It’s just in time to avoid NHTSA’s old policies.

What is a little bit weird here is the fact that these new headlights look like the old xenon ones you would find on cars from 20 years ago. Their shape brings back some memories, but we do not doubt Elon Musk and Tesla's ability to offer its customers the latest technologies available.

The taillights are also changed. Now they have a clearer form and look to par with what this EV represents. The sculpted shapes complement the entire vehicle. From the pictures we've found, the rear lamps also look like they have a smoke effect applied.

In the back, we also find more sharp lines that help the Model S gain a stronger road presence while still remaining the same Tesla we all got to know. But there's more! Look closely, and you'll see a gloss black rear diffuser, and you’ll also notice the ultrasonic radars are gone. The car will use only cameras for its safety assistance systems. After all, eyes are all we need, right?

For Plaid models, the badge that helps identify them has been softened. It's not that thick anymore.

All in all, the new 2022 Tesla Model S looks better. We’d only wish for other owners with different colors on order or, better, already delivered to show us what they’ve got. Black is more than fine, but blue or red would definitely help with better seeing and understanding the upgrades.

If these changes don’t feel like they are new to you, then you might have read our article from January this year when we told you that customers in Taiwan are getting refreshed Model S vehicles. Now you can rejoice; they are in the U.S. as well! If you didn't get the updated model in 2022, don't worry. These are just cosmetic enhancements. You didn't lose anything of major importance.


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