Tesla Pickup Rendered as a Luxury Electric Truck

Tesla Pickup rendering 3 photos
Photo: Andrei Avarvarii
Tesla Pickup renderingTesla Pickup rendering
If you browse through our website, you'll see that people started thinking about a Tesla pickup way before Elon Musk even mentioned the possibility, with the first rendering datng as far back as 2013.
A lot has changed since then, and now the electric truck isn't just a possibility, but a confirmed project coming late 2018 or early 2019. That is if Musk's word is to be trusted, which it used not to be but has redeemed itself lately.

There are tons of questions surrounding the utility vehicle, but we probably speak for everyone when we say that the most significant one has to do with the way it will look. We already know all there is about Tesla's electric drivetrain and what it can do - even though it would be interesting to see it tuned for raw strength instead of speed - so its design is what makes us most curious.

Sadly, this rendering by Andrei Avarvarii isn't it. First of all, there's that old Model S front fascia that has no place making a comeback on the pickup. Considering this also has the headlights of the Model X, we'll assume the concept was put together during those few months between the Model X launch and the Model S facelift - which still doesn't explain why the artist didn't go for the SUV's front end design.

It probably has to do with this one being more rugged and also doing a better job at filling all that space with something other than painted metal. However, the "rugged " argument pales if you look at the rest of the vehicle which seems to be as luxurious as any other Tesla.

Whether Musk will go for a true utilitarian approach or just give people a Tesla with a flat bed is anyone's guess right now, and it all depends on the public he wants to attract. Does he want Tesla enthusiasts who might need a truck now and then? Fine, go for the latter. Does he want to recruit new believers who are long-time pickup users? Choose the former. Is he undecided? We doubt it, but then go for the middle option.

We think this rendering leans more toward the luxury side, making the Tesla pickup more of a lifestyle vehicle than an actual workhorse. We will probably have a more clear idea after the Tesla Semi unveiling this month, which will provide us with the first glimpse at how Musk's company sees fit to approach utility vehicles.
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