Tesla Owner Made His New Model S Plaid Sound Like a Hellcat, the Internet Said "No"

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Making a brand-new Tesla Model S Plaid sound like a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is not that hard. It requires minimum effort and makes the EV fun and a tiny bit more interesting or, better said, intriguing. Even though the specific note of the 6.2-liter eight-cylinder played by the Tesla is easily distinguishable as being fake, this owner still did it and published the results on social media. Most people weren’t happy, and the comments filled with irony kept flowing.
If you want to give your Tesla the sound of a powerful and well-known internal combustion engine, then you don’t have to do much work. A customer of a Model S Plaid proved it’s easy to turn your zero-emission car into a loud and somewhat thumping V8-powered sports vehicle. Unfortunately, people that heard at least once in their lifetime an American V8 will immediately recognize that something’s off. Still, here’s how this guy did it, how you can do it, and what those that are on social media had to say about it.

The owner of the quick all-electric vehicle says a lot of people have been “whining” about the absence of sound. People kept saying performance doesn’t feel good when there’s no noise being made. He published many videos with the Tesla after he got it, proved its acceleration capabilities, and the followers still complained about the lack of a proper exhaust note. Brooks Weisblat wanted to make everyone happy, so he added the sound of the famous 6.2-liter V8 found in a cammed Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat to his Model S Plaid.

The owner argues Tesla thought of a solution for these kinds of issues. If you had a Tesla or followed people that owned one, then you know what the man is talking about. It’s the Boombox.

Unfortunately, an active recall has been made to deactivate this feature. Authorities argued it does not meet pedestrian safety standards. After the over-the-air (OTA) update, the Boombox can still be used but only when the car’s parked.

From the looks of it, this particular Plaid didn’t have the above-mentioned update. So, the Tesla owner can go into the Boombox menu and personalize the driving sound. He chose the iconic melody of a cammed Hellcat V8.

“It has speakers on the outside of the car, right up here on the front,” said the Tesla customer as he shows off the red performance car sounding like it has an engine under the hood. Unfortunately, he couldn’t override the audio warning system for pedestrians, and it overlaps with the rumbling V8. It doesn’t sound very good.

Upon hearing the Model S Plaid, people didn’t refrain from offering their unfiltered opinions. Some compared it with a “toilet flushing,” while others questioned the idea behind the action. A follower even asked what happens when you go at 150 mph (241 kph) and if it sounds like a cammed Challenger SRT Hellcat at a standstill.

The owner was advised by those who saw the video that he would’ve been better off with an actual V8-powered Dodge that is also cheaper than the mighty all-electric Model S Plaid.

Some other social media users compared the Tesla to vegan beef, and many agreed that this move is similar to kids adding all kinds of items like plastic bottles to their bicycles to make the tires noisy.

There were a couple of supporting people in the comments, but they agreed as well that the sound should have matched the revs. Would you do this if you had a Tesla?

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