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Tesla Opens Online Design Studio, for You

Most call them configurators. Car configurators. Then again, Tesla is not selling cars, but electric vehicles. And electric vehicles can not be configured, but designed. Even if the guy doing the design will never use a pen, but only a mouse and a series of available choices.

Even so, if you're in the market for an EV and you have more than enough money laying around, you can take your desires to the following link and play as you will online, from smartphones and iPads.

Classy as it sounds, the Design Studio is nothing more than a configurator. It allows users to select paint color, interior design, wheels and whatever. The only difference is that the Design Studio can be accessed from any Tesla store, from available platforms (usually iPads), allowing the customer to refer to a specialist in case he or she needs to.

With the Design Studio, and other similar customer-aimed measures, Tesla intends to make a visit to a local Tesla store an experience to remember. Still having a lot of work to do before convincing the public to choose the Roadster, despite its obvious qualities, the electric vehicle manufacturer will probably throw into the game more and more innovative experiences.

"The Design Studio's goal is to personalize the Tesla experience," said George Blankenship, Tesla's VP of Sales and Ownership Experience. "It's the most advanced configurator any automaker has come up with, letting you choose exactly what you want, look at it from every angle, and see it in the wild." 


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