Tesla Opens First East Coast ‘Supercharger’ Charging Stations

Tesla Motors really seems to be very serious about covering the whole of the US with their Supercharger fast charging stations, so that the owners of their cars will be able to drive anywhere they please, without the risk of running out of juice in the middle of nowhere.
Tesla Supercharger 1 photo
Now, they have announced the opening of the first such stations on the East Coast. The first is located in Wilmington, DE, which is located around 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia, while the second is in Milford, CT, which is situated around the halfway point between New York City and Boston - both are located along the I-95 interstate.

Furthermore, owners of the Tesla Model S (the only model ‘supported’ by the fast chargers), benefits from a high-voltage output of 480 volts, which gives the car another 150 miles of range, from a half-hour charge. Also factoring in the fact that charging is completely free, it is a really important incentive for those looking to buy an EV in order to reduce motoring costs, along with being green - people who would buy the most basic version of the Model S, which should arrive in 2013.


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