Tesla on Tesla Action in Hong Kong Shows They're Both Tough Nuts to Crack

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Tesla's Model S and Model X are known for their crashworthiness, a trait the company has brought forward on many occasions and one that has been confirmed on the road several times as well.
Some owners were so happy to get out of an accident alive that they even wrote Elon Musk thank you letters, thinking they wouldn't have been breathing had they been driving any other vehicle. While that might sometimes be an exaggeration, recent crash tests confirmed Tesla's two existing models are indeed the safest.

The trials carried by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) showed the Model X to be the best SUV out of all the other models tested, and only second to its Model S sibling overall. That's not just credit to Tesla's safety-oriented design, but also to the architecture of electric vehicles in general.

However, Teslas are probably even more famous for one other thing, which is their acceleration. With so many people eager to try it out on public roads, those safety ratings might prove useful more often than they should.

But while we've seen instances where the Californian EVs crash into various vehicles, their scarcity relative to the number of other cars means that there has been no Tesla vs. Tesla crash so far - at least none that we know of. Well, you can thank one reckless and one unaware owner from Hong Kong for finally making it happen.

We initially came across a picture showing the aftermath of what looked like a head-on crash between a grey Model S and a blue Model S on a one-lane mountain road. Both cars were sitting on the same side of the road so it was hard to tell what happened.

Then somebody added another piece to the puzzle by posting a short dashcam clip showing the electric sedan overtaking a few cars and going into a bend at speed. We still don't see the moment of the crash but can at least safely assume it was the driver in the S that caused the incident.

It looked like there was some speed involved, which makes the damage to the cars surprisingly discreet. Maybe the Model S driver braked hard enough, or maybe the two EVs really are as strong as granite. So this encounter ended without finding one winner, but rather two.

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