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Tesla Now Has a Robotics Section and Is Hiring

Tesla is not only about cars. Arguably, it focused on the automotive sector for just a couple of years before expanding its business. But now, things are confidently and transparently shifting into a new paradigm – defining great artificial intelligence (AI), making new hardware, and building robots that will eventually replace humans. And if you want to be part of that journey, Tesla’s hiring.
Elon Musk Next to the Tesla Bot and the Upcoming "Catgirl" Version of the Optimus Robot 17 photos
"Catgirl" Version of the Tesla BotMultiple Tesla Bots Working on the Upcoming CybertruckElon Musk and the Tesla BotElon Musk Next to the Tesla Bot and the Upcoming "Catgirl" Version of the Optimus RobotTesla Robotics SectionElon Musk Introducing Tesla Humanoid RobotTesla's Bumble CTesla's Bumble CTesla's Bumble CTesla's Bumble CTesla's OptimusTesla's OptimusTesla's PrototypesTesla's PrototypesTesla's PrototypesTesla's Prototypes
Tesla might have a couple of disgruntled customers when it comes to the EV selling part of the business, but the American company has constantly been reinventing itself in the past few years – albeit it did so with constant help from enthusiastic buyers and investors.

Tesla is not just a carmaker anymore. Everyone knew this to a certain degree, but now things are clear as day. Besides the well-known S, 3, X, and Y all-electric lineup and the upcoming Semi, Roadster, and Cybertruck, the brand offers insurance services, charging solutions, electrical grid infrastructure for cities and companies, solar panels and roofs, backup energy protection systems, and, last but not least, software as a service. This diversification of operations is what attracts most investors.

Even though the products and services the company offers are getting expensive, and we have seen on multiple occasions various types of failures, Tesla has not stopped pushing boundaries and trying to innovate. Now, with the AI Day 2022 out of the way, the American company has finally revealed its latest product which is accompanied by a complementary suite of other software and hardware solutions – the Tesla Bot. Boston Dynamics could have something to say in the matter.

What started as an EV maker now “develops and deploys autonomy at scale in vehicles, robots and more.” And this major change includes things like new chips, systems, networks, algorithms, and scaling infrastructure. That’s why Tesla now has a Robotics section that might contribute to the further automation of various other industries.

All this couldn’t be possible without smart humans, so Tesla is on the hunt for new talent. The company is inviting those skilled in software, hardware, or artificial intelligence to apply through a simple form on its website. All you need to do to make sure your application is being considered is to have something noticeable to share before pressing the “Apply” button.


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