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Tesla Motors Is Looking to Recruit Students For Its Gigafactory

Elon Musk is not only making the world a greener place but he is also looking to recruit students and invest in them by giving them the chance of joining Tesla Motors.
Tesla Model S interior 1 photo
Tesla Motors is hunting for top talent and the best place to do that is right near their Gigafactory? According to a post on Twitter, Tesla is staging a job fair at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and is looking to attract students with summer jobs and internships.

This way, Tesla is looking to have a continuous flow of skilled workers coming to its departments, where Elon Musk’s company will train them accordingly. Such news do not come as a surprise since it is well known that Tesla has a standard university internship program conducted with the help of many universities around the United States.

However, Tesla Motors focused on three departments in particular, as it need accountants, HR professionals, chemists and project managers and, most importantly, engineers trained in hi-tech advanced manufacturing.

After a suitable group of potential employees is found, Tesla is looking to hone their skills in the Bay Area before eventually relocating them to Reno after the Gigafactory will be good to go in 2017.

But there’s another twist in this plot. Nevada is the only place in the northern hemisphere where lithium is mined and processed. This means that the area is now top priority for Elon Musk, since mines in Chile and Bolivia are not a viable solution.

“Nevada is number four in the world producing gold and we’re a leading produce of silver, but what this allows us to do is put a spotlight on the potential we have for lithium,” explained Carl Nesbitt, associate professor in the College of Science at UNR.


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