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Tesla Model Y Seven-Seat Option Starts Production Next Month

Before Tesla starts production of the Model Y with 4680 cells at Giga Berlin next year, the electric crossover will get the seven-seat option we’ve been promised since the prototype’s unveiling in March 2019. According to Elon Musk, “next month” is when the Fremont manufacturing plant will start production of the three-row version.
Tesla Model Y seven-seat rendering 13 photos
Tesla Model YTesla Model YTesla Model YTesla Model Y2020 Tesla Model Y Performance (Tesla number 1,000,000)2020 Tesla Model Y Performance (Tesla number 1,000,000)Tesla Model Y interiorTesla Model Y interiorTesla Model Y interiorTesla Model Y interiorTesla Model Y interiorTesla Model Y interior
When asked about updates on the seven-seat Model Y by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley on Twitter, the head honcho of the Palo Alto-based automaker replied that “initial deliveries” are scheduled for “early December” in the United States. What comes as a bit of a surprise is the U.S. configurator that reads “available in 2021.”

Whatever the correct timing may be, the option is listed at $3,000 as it’s always been. “Will the three-row seats face forward or are we going to get Model S-inspired jump seats?” Regarding that question, opinions vary a lot depending on who you ask.

Teardown expert Sandy Munro thinks that we’ll get rear-facing seats thanks to the design of the mounting brackets, but lest we forget, Tesla did show a rendering of the three-row option at the Model Y reveal event. As you can tell from the main photo of this write-up, the smaller sibling of the Model X will get front-facing seats.

Don’t expect too much legroom, though, because the Model Y isn’t huge. It’ll be a tight squeeze for adults, and even for kids, the three-row seats may be hard on their legs on the long haul. You also have to consider the sloping roofline of the all-electric crossover, rendering the rear seats pointless for taller peeps like Doug DeMuro.

As before, U.S. customers are given a choice between all-wheel-drive Long Range and Performance variants for the Model Y. The more affordable option - starting at $49,990 - is also the most efficient at 316 miles (509 kilometers) of EPA-rated driving range. Level up to the more expensive fellow, and $59,990 gets you a crossover that tops 155 mph (250 kph) and shoots to 60 miles per hour in merely 3.5 seconds.


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