Tesla Model Y Rendering Looks Like the World's First Electric CUV

Tesla Model Y rendering 3 photos
Photo: RM Car Design
Tesla Model Y renderingTesla Model Y rendering
With the Model 3 out of the way (partially, but nobody's expecting any major design modifications), all eyes belonging to Tesla fans are now on the upcoming Model Y.
Not much has transpired about the next vehicle on the agenda of Elon Musk's company, but everybody agrees it should be a smaller crossover built on the same platform as the Model 3. Given the state of the market right now, that would be the most logical course of action, and Tesla showed us it can do this type of vehicles, even though not without some foibles.

The Model Y, however, would be a much simpler car than the Model X. It would have none of the complications brought by the falcon doors, the tall windshield or the electric front doors, so it'll be easier to manufacture and also have fewer components that could malfunction.

For all intents and purposes, it will be a taller Model 3 with - hopefully - a more practical tailgate. If it weren't for the higher price, the Model Y would most likely render the yet unreleased sedan useless, except for those who just can't stomach the idea of a crossover or an SUV.

And if it turns out to look anything like this rendering performed by RM Car Design, we'd totally be on the same side as them. What we have here is a cross between a BMW X4, a little bit of Porsche Macan and some Model 3 details.

We're pretty sure Tesla would never go for such a tacky front end solution with that chromed contour at the bottom. You may or may not like Tesla's design, but you can't deny the fact that all its cars have a certain degree of elegance and zero degrees of opulence.

To be perfectly honest, we'd much rather have a regular SUV, with a less raked rear end and more room in the trunk. We've seen the Model 3 rendered as a hatchback and the vehicle is virtually flawless, not to mention the older Model S wagons that are downright sexy, so a more useful Model Y doesn't need to imply any design compromises. As for this rendering, we can only pray it's not too accurate, even though we fear it could have nailed the overall shape right in the head.
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