Tesla Model Y Owner Says Delaminating Cells Forced Battery Pack Replacement

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Multiple issues involving Tesla vehicles have been revealed first by TMC Forum users. This may be the case again after a Model Y owner said that he was warned about the need to replace the entire battery pack. At his Tesla Service Center, he was told that his “VIN qualifies for a recall due to delaminating battery cells.”

After the user Tommy L Garage started the thread with his story, the user FOOLSLFDRVNG said his 2021 Model Y also had to have its battery pack replaced after 16,000 miles. The service demanded ten days, and the car got back with a “horrible drill-like and whistling sound.”

Back to the Service Center, he discovered his car got a refurbished battery pack that lost less than 1% of capacity compared to the 10% that vanished from the previous battery pack. When another user asked him how he noticed the problem, FOOLSLFDRVNG said his Model Y’s range “degraded significantly down to 251” (miles). Eventually, an error code appeared and “plugging in would not charge” the car.

The user Old_Man_Speed got his Model Y in September. The car would make a clunking sound when “slowly going into (a) parking lot, backing into (the) driveway, etc.” It “turned out to be a panel on the top of the battery pack” that demanded full replacement of the component. It is not clear if it is related to the delaminating battery cells. On December 6, he said his car had been waiting for three weeks already for the replacement.

The user dawnerd described the same clunking sound in his Tesla, a gray Model Y demonstration car he picked up in September with 710 miles on the clock. However, they said they are “putting off making an appt (appointment) since it(‘)s hard to reproduce and just kinda happens randomly.”

The last person to report battery pack issues in the thread was the user caleedubya. In their case, the battery pack just died and left them stranded. The Model Y was towed to the Service Center, and caleedubya got a “beat-up Model 3 loaner” just “six days after delivery.”

Although the only person to report “delaminated battery cells” was Tommy L Garage, it is a serious thing to report, especially if it came officially from Tesla and if the company referred to it as a recall. The other cases may not be related to the same problem, but they indicate the Model Y may have something serious going on with its battery pack.

So far, Tesla does not seem to have informed NHTSA about “delaminated battery cells” or about other issues with the Model Y battery pack. If you were affected by any need to replace this component in your Model Y, please tell us more about it.
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