Tesla Model X Versus McLaren 650S Makes for a Very Close Finish Drag Race

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Seeing the Model S do well on the drag strip is one thing, but watching the lumbering Model X sprint off the line like it's got a hot chili pepper stuck somewhere will never get old. But will it be enough to defeat a modern supercar like the McLaren 650S?
That's precisely the question the guys at DragTimes were asking themselves after a previous video posted by them made a few people question their methodology. About three weeks ago, they had a Tesla Model X P90D flex its muscles against a Ferrari F430 in a quarter-mile drag race, and the result probably surprised no one. The electric SUV was able to get in front of the line and stay there all the way 'till the end.

People have questioned the relevance of such a race, though, arguing that the Model X is a modern car that was just released last year, while the F430, for all its supercarness, is still twelve years old. Admitting they had a point and probably being over-excited about the fact that they can actually put this thing to a test, the people at DragTimes arranged for another electric SUV versus supercar meeting. Only this time, they brought a modern contender: the McLaren 650S.

The Ferrari boasted some very impressive figures that, at least on paper, made it a valid opponent for the Model X. It had 490 hp, a 3.9 seconds 0-60 mph sprint time, and weighed about half as much as the Tesla. The Model X, on the other hand, came with all-wheel-drive and that famous Ludicrous mode that cut its 0-60 time to 3.2 seconds. However, it's a well-known fact that electrics tend to lose their edge once speed starts to climb, so the Ferrari could, in theory, have caught up with the SUV.

It didn't, so the honor of ICE supercars now rests in the hands of the McLaren 650S. It's got 650 horsepower (duh!), it can accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) in three seconds flat and it weighs under 1.5 tons (3,300 pounds). Will that be enough to defeat this pesky SUV that seems to have taken it upon itself to humiliate supercars? Two runs over a rented private track will be the judge of that, and you can watch both of them in the video below. There's quite a long intro that we found interesting, but if you want to go straight to the action, jump to the 4:18 mark.

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