Tesla Model X Pulls Huge Volvo Semi Stuck in the Snow Up a Hill

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Photo: Facebook screenshot
The U.S. is faced with a massive and, at least in some areas, unexpected cold wave that has brought massive snowfalls with it. Some people were ready to deal with the new landscape and, as it usually happens, others were not.
While climate change deniers jubilate as the scenery looks more like we're about to go through a new ice age than anything facing the risk of melting, drivers couldn't care less. All they want is for the white stuff to go away and make way for the black tarmac they never realized they loved so much until it was gone, hidden under many inches of snow.

Semi drivers, in particular, probably hate it the most. Unlike other employees, they can't take a day off when there's a bit of snow out, so not only are they forced to face the tricky roads, but also deal with the other drivers who set off mostly unprepared.

Sometimes, though, it's the semis themselves who aren't equipped appropriately for the road conditions, and that's when weighing tens of thousands of pounds becomes a big liability. That's because towing a car stuck in snow is one thing, but moving one of these behemoths is a job for the toughest of vehicles.

We showed you yesterday a snowcat struggling to pull a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 who had become banked in snow and failing, but that was happening somewhere in the Italian Alps, away from any proper road infrastructure.

Here, you can see a Tesla Model X electric SUV pulling a very large Volvo semi on a snow-covered road. In the comments to the video posted on Facebook, the owner says the EV helped the truck up a hill since the big rig didn't have the traction to do it on its own.

It's not exactly the smoothest towing, nor the fastest, but bear in mind the Model X has a towing limit of 5,000 lbs (2,268 kg). The semi exceeds that at least ten-fold, depending on whether it was running empty or carrying cargo as well. Kyle Conner, the man who posted the clip also claims the battery did not heat up during the hill climb and the vehicle didn't feel the need to limit its power accordingly. Of course, it would be good to know what tires the X had on as those definitely made all the difference.

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