Tesla Model X Plaid hits top speed 168 mph on the Autobahn
The Tesla Model X Plaid is one of the world's fastest series production cars out there. But how does it behave at top speed on a no-speed limit sector on the German Autobahn? 

Tesla Model X Plaid Flies in High-Speed Autobahn Test, Reaches 168 MPH

Tesla Model X Plaid hits top speed 168 mph on the AutobahnTesla Model X Plaid hits top speed 168 mph on the AutobahnTesla Model X Plaid hits top speed 168 mph on the AutobahnTesla Model X Plaid hits top speed 168 mph on the AutobahnTesla Model X Plaid hits top speed 168 mph on the AutobahnTesla Model X Plaid hits top speed 168 mph on the Autobahn
Tesla has made it to the Netherlands, a country that loves battery-powered plug-in cars. Max from the YouTube channel AutoTopNL reviews a Model X Plaid, a high-performance electric SUV.

Even though the car has many interesting details, the most exciting part to start with is, of course, the lightning acceleration and speed. The car has a three-motor configuration, a 100-kWh battery pack, and a claimed 1,020 horsepower.

Officially, this version of the Tesla does 0-62 mph in just 2.6 seconds, but the vloggers at AutoTopNL managed a time of 2.8 seconds, probably due to the larger tires than those used in official testing. For those who suffer from range anxiety, it's good to know that this Tesla has a range of 333 miles (536 km) but in this video, all the focus is on speed, so the range will be affected due to the brisk acceleration.

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Because the acceleration test is done on the motorway with no speed limit, Max engages the Drag Strip Mode, the suspension goes into Cheetah Mode and he steps on the accelerator all the way down. We can see on the speedometer that the top speed stops at 270 kph (168 mph), which is pretty impressive.

The car performs exceptionally well in the 100-200 kph (62-124 mph) run,  with a time of 4.76 seconds. The way it delivers power to the wheels can be compared to top sports cars like the Audi RS 7 and BMW M5.

Tesla Model X Plaid impresses with its ability to maintain performance without overheating the battery. While up until this release, some warning messages appeared after the car was driven to the limit, after the recent updates, the problem seems to have been solved, at least at first attempts.

However, toward the end of the video, we see that the electric car shows its limits. The driver is no longer able to reach 270 km/h, which could suggest that the battery has overheated and has gone into a protection mode.

Tesla Model X Plaid can be really fast thanks to the aerodynamic coefficient
The Model X has a drag coefficient of 0.24, which is remarkable for an SUV. Max tests a Model X with the optional 22-inch wheels, which have been upgraded with Aero blades and Continental SportContact 6 tires. This size takes around 30 km (19 miles) off its range compared to the 20-inch units that come standard.

The car has standard brakes, but Tesla now offers a carbon-ceramic brake option that customers can order after the customer takes possession of the vehicle. The carbon-ceramic brakes on the Model S and Model X Plaid are ideal for driving on the track or at high speeds.

Tesla Model X Plaid hits top speed 168 mph on the Autobahn
The Falcon-style doors on the Model X are still stunning, even eight years after launch, and have sensors to prevent hitting obstacles. All doors open electrically at the touch of a button. The Model X Plaid is only available in a six-seat configuration, with floating seats and plenty of space in between.
Tesla with beige interior and lots of technology inside
The beige interior is new for the Model X, and the screen in the center tunnel, placed between the front seats, is for climate control, seats heating function, and media apps like Netflix and YouTube. There are also USB-C ports and adjustable rear seats that can be reclined or folded down to make room for a cargo area. The two seats in the back row are quite cramped, as only two children will fit in the back.

The Tesla Model X for the Netherlands has received changes to the interior, the build quality has improved a lot. At the center of the dash, there is a massive 17-inch screen, which they say is the best system on the market.

The car's system has Google Maps integrated, and the huge screen offers the ability to play video games and use the car as a megaphone and even add your sounds using a USB stick.

For those feeling artistically inspired, there's even an app that helps them make music, which is pretty cool because we are talking about a car after all.
Half a steering wheel and few physical buttons
The Dutch reviewer expresses his admiration for how Tesla thinks about how people use their cars and continues adding games and apps to keep people entertained while charging the car. However, Max is a little disappointed that Americans are putting fewer and fewer buttons on Tesla and would have been glad if at least the volume one was there to ease the experience while operating in the dark.

The steering wheel is called a yoke and is essentially just half a steering wheel. The only reason it was put in there is so the driver would feel like piloting a spaceship. Max also expresses discomfort by stating that it is not as good as a regular steering wheel and that it makes maneuvering difficult. In terms of steering, it is quite difficult to handle with one hand.

Fortunately, there is the possibility to set up a Tesla with a normal steering wheel as well. The American carmaker also offers this possibility after probably many customers complaining about the yoke.

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