Tesla Model X P90D Canyon Drive with Matt Farah Talks Alignment, Rattle Issues

Those of you accustomed to Matt Farah's One Take canyon carving adventures might've expected the Tesla Model X to show up on The Smoking Tire show. Well, the time of the electric SUV has come.
Tesla Model X P90D Canyon Drive with Matt Farah 4 photos
Tesla Model X P90D Canyon Drive with Matt FarahTesla Model X P90D Canyon Drive with Matt FarahTesla Model X P90D Canyon Drive with Matt Farah
First of all, when was the last time when Matt dressed up so fitting for the driving occasion?

Humor attempts aside, the 12-minute video obviously ticks both the pros and the cons of the high-riding Tesla, so don't expect the poorly aligned door (handles) and the rattles, which, admittedly, are odd for a 3,000-mile vehicle such as the one used here.

Speaking of which, we're talking about a Model X P90D, one that doesn't pack the Ludicrous Mode goodie. So, essentially, we're dealing with an electric SUV that doesn't necessarily appeal to the racer type, but still packs enough of a punch to feel ready for whatever challenge you can throw at it. Heck, this is the kind of 11-second machine, so it will beat plenty of vehicles build for speedy purposes.

No such piece of footage would be complete without a piece of Autopilot play, so you'll obviously get that here - by the way, here's a deeper set of thoughts on the Palo Alto carmaker's self-driving offensive for those of you who want to know more about Tesla's autonomous driving plans.

However, before we invite you to hit the "play" button, we have to explain one thing - There is a slight error in the clip and it has to do with the navigation system - when you have mobile phone signal, the 17-inch display on the center console gives you the navigation assistance you need, while, when the signal is lost, the instrument panel display takes over, working with the local database and providing turn-by-turn navigation directions. So no, your Tesla won't leave you informationally stranded.

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