Tesla Model X P100D Sets World Record Run Against Lambo Aventador LP750-4 SV

It may only be a handful of people who actually do it, but drag racing Teslas must be one of the reasons why so many have not only heard about the EV-maker, but were also convinced to invest in one.
Lambo vs. two Teslas 6 photos
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Lambo vs. two TeslasLambo vs. two TeslasLambo vs. two TeslasLambo vs. two TeslasLambo vs. two Teslas
And you do need to spend, particularly if you fancy a P100D model - which you should if you have any intention of replicating the performances you see in these videos. However, add both Tesla vehicles that took place in these particular races and compare them to the $530,000 price for the Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV, and you'd still be left with enough money to buy a nice house.

But talking about prices and rentability around a Lamborghini is redundant, so we'll skip the whole 'you can sit up to seven people in a Model X, tow a boat and still beat most sports cars out there to the 60 mph milestone' speech and go straight to the actual runs at hand.

The guys at DragTimes made very clear their intention of setting a new record for the world's quickest SUV on the 1/4-mile distance, and despite having to cut short the X's recharging session, they managed to do just that. With a time of 11.418 and a trap speed of 117.85 mph, the Tesla Model X P100D is the world's quickest sports utility vehicle. Which will surprise absolutely no one.

The Model S P100D has the same powertrain as the Model X P100D, only here it sits in a much lower, more aerodynamic and considerably more lightweight package. With roughly just 0.13 seconds separating the Lamborghini from the electric SUV (after it lost the first race by 0.05 s), it definitely looks as though the sedan will give it a spank.

In an attempt to offer itself the best fighting chance, the Lambo has a false start and manages to beat the Model S to the line, but the ticket shows the Italian supercar still needed about 0.22 seconds more to get there than Tesla's finest. Impressive as that is, it still pales in comparison to the glorious sound coming out of that 6.5-liter V12 engine. It may be the dinosaur out of the two, but at least it's a freaking angry T-Rex.

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