Tesla Model X Is the Little Engine That Could (Tow 250K Pounds of Minecarts)

You have to feel for Elon Musk these days: it sure can't be easy to keep all three of his companies - the Boring Company, SpaceX and Tesla Inc. - under the spotlight at all times, no matter how good one's Twitter skills are.
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Last month, it was all about SpaceX and the launch of the Falcon Heavy, the world's most powerful rocket in operation and also the only one with reusable boosters. Or was it? Think about it: what was the rocket's payload? That's right, it was a Tesla Roadster, Musk's very own, becoming the first production car to reach outer space.

You see, the key to managing multiple businesses is to bring them together as often as possible, and that's what Musk did right there. We're sure he would have just as well sent a Boring Company-branded tunnel digger to Mars, were it not for a few inconveniences. Besides, he had the flamethrowers ready anyway.

Now, though, it's time for Tesla and the Boring Company to come together and show up in a joint publicity stunt. But what could that be? Burn a Tesla to a crisp using the Boring Company's flamethrower? Not exactly the message you'd want to send.

How about having the electric SUV drag a 250,000 lbs (over 113,000 metric tons) suite of mining rail cars filled presumably with dirt out of a Boring Company tunnel? That should be enough to capture the attention of everybody while also minding the image of both companies involved.

In fact, the stunt isn't all that impressive. There's a reason heavy payloads are ferried over land using railroads, and that's because the metal-on-metal combination of the wheels and tracks offers the lowest rolling resistance possible this side of a maglev train. In other words, once the initial inertia has been beaten, keeping the train moving becomes rather easy. You know, as easy as moving 250,000 lbs can ever be.
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